Ирина Горбачева полностью разделась на природе The star of the acclaimed film “Arrhythmia” decided on a candid photo shoot abroad. While in Israel, she and her husband Gregory Kalinin made a series of frames, which created a furor in social networks.
Ирина Горбачева полностью разделась на природе

30-year-old Irina Gorbachev ventured to an unusual experiment. The artist undressed in the wilderness. The author of the provocative photos was the husband of famous actor Gregory Kalinin. Gorbachev posted on Instagram a series of photos where she poses on the belt.

Fans of Irina was delighted with the shots and wrote her a great number of compliments. In their opinion, the work of Grigory Kalinin was not vulgar, and inspiring. “Mysteriously”, “We are children of nature. David a is talented in everything”, “Mysterious”, “it’s Like a scene from the movie”, “Cool”, “Much”, “it is Unusual to see in this form”, “Nice series”, “Wow! Unexpectedly,” out of this world, “it is Evident that the photographer loves the model”, commented on the Internet.

Ирина Горбачева полностью разделась на природе

Some subscribers Gorbachev even good-naturedly ribbed her publications. “I need your clothes”, “Girl, you have to head snag”, “Safari style”, “When I went on a business trip, and my husband went to a neighbor for salt,” wrote social media users.

Seeing how many people reacted to her erotic photos, Irina decided to publish the picture in which she is depicted sitting on the belt.

“I thought, of course, to spread or not… Then looked again and I wanted to say: “We are all beautiful! Are what they are!” And all… And there is no posture, no vulgarity… we are All people”, – wrote the artist.

Uncut scenes naked stars made a splash on the Internet. To date, the post of the artist more than 192 thousand likes and several thousand comments. Many would like to share with Irina his opinion about her sudden candid photo shoot. Star friends Gorbacheva also not left behind. Alexander Gudkov was delighted with the picture and the lead singer of IOWA Catherine ivanchikova wrote the actress a compliment. “Beautiful people”, – shared the singer with a replica of the smiley sweetheart.

Recall that Irina Gorbachev was born 10 April 1988 in Mariupol. After the famous Institute named after Shchukin, the actress started to act in films and play in the theater. However, the popularity of Gorbachev acquired through short videos in Instagram. At the moment the page is Irina more than 1.6 million subscribers. Among the most famous works of the artist role in the movie “Arrhythmia”, “Coach” and “I lose weight”. In September of this year will take place the premiere of the drama Avdotya Smirnova “the Story of a destination”, which tells about a real episode in the life of Leo Tolstoy, with the participation of Gorbachev.