"She betrayed": Olivia Wilde is not talking to Emily Ratajkowski Model caught kissing ex actress boyfriend.

Olivia Wilde and Emily Ratajkowski were close friends until recently. They often spent time together, and they were accompanied by the actress's boyfriend, Harry Styles. But last year the couple broke up after two years of relationship. And a few months ago, the model was photographed by the paparazzi in Japan kissing her girlfriend's ex-boyfriend. alt=””She betrayed”: Olivia Wilde does not communicate with Emily Ratajkowski” />

Ratajkowski was very angry that her personal life once again became public, and she stated that she felt bad because of Olivia. After that, Wilde got angry.

“Emily should not feel sorry for Olivia. She should reconsider her personal life and the men she wants to date. Emily really needs to just focus on being a mom. Olivia just wants Emily not to say her name,” said a friend of the actress.

Since then, communication between the friends has not resumed, but there is no talk of reconciliation, since Wilde believes that her friend betrayed her. Read more: 1 2 next. →

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