The singer made a grammatical error.

«She became a hostage»: Iosif Prigozhin sympathized with Svetlana Loboda Most recently, Svetlana Loboda called herself “the number one artist in Russia” and considered Russian as her native language, but recently she remembered that she was Ukrainian. True, the Ukrainians themselves have already forgotten about the famous compatriot, writing her down as a traitor. “She became a hostage”: Iosif Prigogine sympathized with Svetlana Loboda >

Before that, on Vera Galushka-Brezhneva recorded a song in Ukrainian, and now Svetlana Loboda has pulled herself up.

The singer's new hit is called “Two Dunno”. But vigilant countrymen hurried to enlighten the former Eurovision participant that if she decided to speak her native language, then let her speak correctly – “Two strangers”. Of course, Sveta's mistake was pointed out in a very rude way. The comments were full of ridicule and insults. The artist herself decided to remain silent, realizing that she was in a mess.
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