Shaved head Natalie Portman shocked fans

Бритый наголо Павел Воля шокировал поклонников
Showman decided on a radical change of image.

Paul Will

Paul Will stunned
fans, published in the microblog
the photo with the new image. In the picture
a showman, posing, flashing smooth as
billiard ball head. Publication
the artist has signed the hashtag: #otmelivaetsja,
#Gentryville, #Acinetobacter,
#troposperic. Fans reacted
a new image of the artist unanimously. Cries
“No,” and “why did you do that to yourself?”
were the most popular comments
under this post stars. However, fans
to believe in something that Will do
I shaved my head, flatly refused.
“That’s cap!” “Tack!” “Seen
that bald cap!” — they wrote.

By the way, not so long ago
similarly ribbed fans
Polina Gagarina. Last fall
the singer took part in a photo session
a glossy magazine, where he posed with
bald head. Artist
assured that the snapshot was not
used photoshop and this is what
it has suggested that Pauline decided to
a bold experiment, and shaved bald.
Fans, however, continued to hope,
the actress was made up, so
not everyone liked her bold

A few days later the star
took pity on the fans and revealed the secret
your magical transformation.
It turned out that Pauline did not cut
curls, but only have used
the services of experienced makeup artists who
using the so-called “bald”
wig made their fans the stars
jittery. “Guys, breathe out!” —
Gagarin signed short video where
shows the process of creating extravagant