Sharon stone opened the secrets of her beauty and no plastic!

Шэрон Стоун открыла секреты своей красоты — и никакой пластики!
59-year-old actress categorically that he would never “go under the knife”.

Sharon Stone


59-year-old star of “Basic instinct” Sharon stone has published their views on beauty. She stated that she will never agree to voluntarily go under the surgeon’s knife. Actress refuses to do plastic surgery, saying that she had “not always have the time even to take a shower”. This statement has caused many sincere bewilderment. After all, before stone obviously visited plastic surgeons. In any case, it really looks great, and it seems that her looks are indeed timeless.

Stone gladly shared their beauty secrets. She eats right, lots of sports — runs, rides horses, plays tennis, swims — anything, just not going to the gym. The actress three adopted sons, so she has someone to run and play. Boys 17, 12 and 11 years old. Even Sharon dances, does yoga and Pilates. All of these Hobbies, in her opinion, are the key to her excellent figure and health. As for cosmetics, the actress admitted only one: it has a very good Swiss creams.

The stone fired my Manager, with whom he worked exactly 30 years. She believes that it’s time to look at it with different eyes and understand how she has changed. Her new life after her divorce from her husband began fighting for custody of his son Rohan (she lost it, but then succeeded) and serious illness. In 2001, 44-year-old actress suffered a stroke, she 9 was in a coma and miraculously survived.

Sharon admitted that she had no boyfriend but she is happy and appreciates life as “very full and rich” because they have learned to enjoy each day and believe in a daily miracle. The man she would like to see the self-sufficiency and availability of certain life values. Stone does a lot of charity work removed. Soon the screens will be released the new movie James Franco with her participation and a series of Stephen Soderberga where she plays the main role.