Sharon stone joined the Legion of women who have suffered from harassment

Шэрон Стоун присоединилась к «легиону» женщин, пострадавших от домогательств
The actress explained why she failed to marry well.

Sharon Stone


59-year-old Sharon stone has admitted that she, like many other
Hollywood Actresses often suffered from sexual abuse
producers and Directors.

During a recent show on CBS — Sunday Morning, leading
asked did Sharon get into a situation similar victims
Harvey Weinstein and others like him? In response, the actress began to laugh so that for a long time
I couldn’t stop. Prolapses, she explained that it would be just
incredibly, if she did without such a history.

“I’m in show business for almost 40 years. You can imagine how all
worked four decades ago? If,
in addition, also keep in mind that
I don’t have any connections, and I come from Pennsylvania? To protect me was
no one, so I fully enjoyed the mores of the time — I had
to see all…” – told the actress. The specific names of the offenders she called
did not, but admitted that they had been
harassment many times.

“Women of my generation were brought up that were ready to endure everything.
They instilled the idea that they must do everything to give pleasure
men. Personally, I like this approach is never satisfied. I wasn’t going
“dissolve” in the beloved man, to stop being themselves. I was looking for
equal partner, maybe that is why it was so hard to build
relationship as I would like, and my
life turned out just so and not otherwise…” — commented twice
reconstituted stone, which has raised as a single mother of three adopted

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