У Шерон Стоун появился новый бойфренд
58-year-old actress was in love again!

Sharon stone with a new friend

Photo: Instagram.com

The other day one of the boutiques in Beverly hills, was
greatly intrigued by the appearance of Sharon stone in the company of a mysterious stranger
– owner of the mighty athletic figure. Companion of the actress did not allow himself to
the public no familiarity toward the star, but was extremely
helpful. He wouldn’t let her wear the oversized shopping bags that
they did together, the benefit of the impressive musculature of a stranger allowed him
easily cope with much larger weights.

58-year-old Sharon looked at least 10 years younger than his age and seemed in such a happy and
lively, what have not seen her for a long time. Companion of the actress was held by her conversation,
and, judging by the fact that the stone almost laughed all the time, he clearly does not suffer
the lack of a sense of humor. It is curious that for their shopping the couple has chosen
boutique specializing in the sale of interior items and furniture. The fact that Sharon
purchased together with his friend new pillows and blankets, unwittingly made me
the idea that he is a frequent guest in her bedroom. The name of the noble companion of the actress reporters yet
failed to find out. But given the media interest in the person of Sharon, the identity of her
new boyfriend hardly will long remain a mystery.

Maybe stone now looks so pretty because
she was getting tired of being alone. After all, the last of her novels – with the actor
David DeLuise ended in early 2014. Moreover, this love story
the actress was very short – it lasted only a few months. But
the penultimate novel Sharon was longer. With the young Argentinian
Martin Mika, she met almost three years, and the stone absolutely not
embarrassed by the fact that Mick was almost twice her age when they
met he was only 27 years old, and Sharon – 54…

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