Sharon stone denies that’s engaged with her boyfriend 19 years younger

Шэрон Стоун отрицает, что помолвлена с бойфрендом на 19 лет младше The actress subscribes to the belief that a woman can stay young forever, it would wish. And doing good is the point. Right now Sharon stone, March 10, which is 60 years old, is fighting off rumors that he about to be married for the third time.
Шэрон Стоун отрицает, что помолвлена с бойфрендом на 19 лет младше

The hand and heart of Sharon claims 41-year-old Italian Angelo Boffa. The reason for talking about the engagement was beach couple vacation in Miami on the eve of her birthday. The lovers embraced, kissed and held hands on the front of a crowd and outfit Sharon consisted of a tiny bikini and a diamond ring, like a wedding. A reasonable woman does not wear expensive jewelry to the beach, so the reporters assumed that the ring has a special significance.

Bambino Italiano

Sharon met Angelo Boffa before the New year in St. Moritz. She came to Switzerland to give a speech about charity, it is in cases related to real estate. In a five star hotel they were neighbors. The official status of their relationship acquired in January, when stone brought his “+1” held in new York event to promote the new series “Mosaic”. Angelo stood proudly next to the Queen of hearts on the red carpet and even tried to kiss her on the lips. The actress graciously smiled and coyly turned her head, saying: “the Boy is hot, how lovely”. On Valentine’s Day, Angelo is lucky lover in Paris. This time they rented one room at the Shangri-La and, judging by the lack of photos from the streets, prefer time alone exploring, which each of them saw already many times. Public manifestations of affection on the beaches of Florida in March, completed the picture-perfect candy-bouquet period, sustained in the best traditions of Hollywood cinema.

Шэрон Стоун отрицает, что помолвлена с бойфрендом на 19 лет младше

Not the angel

Love Sharon young, by her standards, the Italian macho caught Hollywood gossip by surprise, since the actress always preferred Mature men. All of her experiences with the young men ended with complaints that they have nothing to talk about. “In relationships I’m looking for an equal partnership, she said. – And this is rare.” The trouble is that with all due respect to Signor Boffa, he doesn’t look an equal partner for one of the most intelligent Actresses in Hollywood. Almost all information about Angelo comes from social networks, the content of the pages more suitable guy half my age. Boffa resides in Zurich, but so often rests on Ibiza that we can only guess where it takes time for a successful real estate business. And his Instagram is littered with photos of a loved one – mostly half-naked in the bath and on the beach, surrounded by luxury and in the company of celebrities. Latest Angelo, apparently, obsessed with his do not feed bread, let me just take a selfie with the star. In light of the novel with famous the lady twenty years older than this hobby does not look too good. Perhaps Sharon should think whether he uses it as a key to the doors of Hollywood.

Шэрон Стоун отрицает, что помолвлена с бойфрендом на 19 лет младше


Although the novels of Mature Actresses with young men often lead to scandals and disappointments, than to marriage, ladies are optimistic.

Another Hollywood rumor says that 51-year-old Robin Wright has secretly married French boyfriend Clement Irade – Manager of VIP relations, fashion House Saint Laurent. 10 Mar lovers who met in may last year at the film festival in Cannes and started Dating in September, alarmed the reporters the same rings at the football Champions League match in Paris. The presence of the son of the actress from her marriage to Sean Penn did not prevent them to give each other small tokens. Much to the dismay of the press, Clement removed the pages in social networks under lock and key as soon as the identity of his beloved has ceased to be a secret. So how exactly is he her age is unknown, but the age difference definitely in double digits. In addition to fashion and Robin, clément loves skiing, surfing and gardening, owns a house in Provence and begins each morning with a sandwich with butter and orange marmalade. What could be better from the point of view of an adult woman? “I finally found true love, says Robyn about this novel. – Even though it took me a very long time.”

Шэрон Стоун отрицает, что помолвлена с бойфрендом на 19 лет младше

In February, 47-year-old Naomi Campbell has confirmed the affair with 35-year-old rapper, activist and designer Joseph Adenuga, better known as Skepta. New male supermodel grew up in London, where his family moved from Nigeria, and claims that Naomi was always his favorite girl. Introduction of talent and the fan took place last year at the Fashion Awards, but the romantic direction their friendship had not taken immediately. As soon as the need to hide the affair anymore, the lovers cried about it to the whole world through a revealing photo shoot and joint interview in a glossy magazine. Naomi, who never liked to pose naked, with pleasure showed underwear from the collection date.

“Naomi and Skepta exist in their own world, say the witnesses for their appearances. – Look only at each other, whispering. The spark of such power, as between them, it is impossible to keep a secret.”