Шэрон Стоун в 58 лет загорает в бикини

The star of the movie “Basic instinct” flashed on the beach candid bikini.

The actress once again proved that not in vain her repeatedly recognized as a sex symbol. In 58 years to afford to wear a bikini not every woman, but if she’s Sharon stone…

Now the star is on holiday in Italy. For the omnipresent paparazzi, as we know, has no boundaries, it is not surprising that cost Sharon to go to the beach, as it was immediately ambushed by the photographers and were quite surprised. They hoped to catch a star by surprise, as is often the case with Lindsay Lohan, who continually Shine the cellulite on the beach.

Sharon, this possibility was not presented. In their 58 actress surprised toned figure and Frank swimsuit!

Tan stone went in a tiny bikini with leopard print, elastic perfectly accentuates the actress’s Breasts.

Even take the doubt: she’s 58, and not 40 years?

Fans suspect that looks so good star for a reason. The secret is not in the sport or healthy eating, and that stone in love!

Recently, Sharon remarked walking out of the store in the company of handsome athlete. Who is he, the actress says, but the naked eye can see that she glows with happiness.

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