Sharon Osbourne wants to send husband to rehab

Шэрон Осборн хочет отправить мужа в рехаб

TV presenter and star of a reality show Sharon Osbournewhose marriage with rocker Ozzy Osbourne is under threat, looking for escape routes. After learning about her husband’s infidelity, the woman promised to divorce him after 33 years of marriage, and although the frontman of Black Sabbath was cheating on her throughout their married life, it is this adultery may be the last for the couple. The fact that earlier Sharon vinyl in cheating spouse alcohol, but since then, as Ozzy stopped using it, consider green serpent guilty of weakness rocker has become impossible – now Mrs. Osborne believes that the husband should be treated about love.

For Sharon and Ozzy this may be the last chance to grow old together, and if a musician really so much attached to his wife, says, he will go for it.
According to sources, the wife even got him a specialized clinic – the same car a few years ago from the same problems treated tiger woods. The cost of treatment in this rehab is 31 thousand dollars.
“She’s still mad at him like fury, but she believes that they will be able to survive this crisis and stay together, if he starts treatment for their addiction and to get rid of their blemish” — said the insider edition of the Daily Star Sunday.
Recall that in the novel most of all Ozzie and stylist Michelle Put Sharon was hurt that it wasn’t a fling, and that her husband in his old age appeared sincere and deep feelings for another woman.
“She also wants Ozzy agreed to joint counseling. Over the years of marriage, they all survived, and Sharon believes that this crisis, too, they tough. if her husband also wants reconciliation, as it” — said the insider. Judging by the fact that Osborne had not yet removed his wedding ring, perhaps, for their marriage has not all over.

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