Шэрон Осборн заявила о проблемах с алкоголем отца Меган Маркл

A recent interview with the father of Meghan Markle Thomas, in which he complained about the lack of communication with her daughter, could not hurt the feelings of the stars. If some decided to be silent, others say the obvious right from the screen. The wife of Ozzy Osbourne and TV presenter Sharon Osbourne the talk show The Talk on CBS said that Thomas’s evident problems with alcohol, and before require a connection with Megan, he needs to sober up!

Шэрон Осборн заявила о проблемах с алкоголем отца Меган Маркл

“It’s absolutely clear, you have serious problems with alcohol. It is also obvious that in the last few years you weren’t close with his daughter. First sober up, and then come back”, asked Sharon to Thomas from the screen.

According to Sharon, his interview with Thomas only a disgrace to Megan, not trying to achieve understanding. “Just be happy for his daughter. Let her live her life. She behaved decently. You must also be at least a little worthy of her,” said Sharon.

Friends of the 74-year-old Thomas came to the defense of father Megan through the newspaper The Sun has denied the allegation of the presenter. They reported about the problems with alcohol and the question after recently Thomas has undergone heart surgery. He can afford to drink one glass of wine with food, but this is the maximum that 74-year-old man. “He is very angry. Beside himself with rage. Sharon Osbourne did not know. How can she say such things?” — support of Mr. Markle friends.

But Thomas should be ready to answers to the public when he gave a candid interview about the now Duchess of Sussex. Recall that while the media are trumpeting the fact that the newly made Countess of Sussex copes with its responsibilities, and even became a favorite of the Queen, Thomas gives an interview to The Sun on Sunday and talks about the complexities. Megan’s father is convinced that his daughter such changes are difficult.

Thomas claims that his daughter scared. It gives her smile. “I’ve seen her smile in years. I know how she smiles. And I don’t like that smile I see now. It’s not even on duty smile. It’s a pained smile. Perhaps it is the fatigue after a few tense days, but still it seems to me that she feels a strong pressure. She had to pay too high a price to enter this circle, to marry a Prince and become a member of the Royal family,” shared Thomas Markle with journalists.

Now Thomas can only watch from the sidelines the life of Megan. As Markle says, to leave for such a long time with the daughter he never had. “I sent messages to the Palace, but got no answer,” says Markle.

Despite the scandals which arise with every new interview with Thomas, he continues to speak unflattering about the new life of the daughter. This time he condemned the outfits Megan. Though the former actress and became a novelty for the Royal family, Thomas finds that she has become old-fashioned. “Why in 2018 dress like 30 years? Why do they have to cover the knees? But I don’t blame Harry or someone else — they all follow the rules that are meaningless,” says Markle.