Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne renewed wedding vows

Шерон и Оззи Осборны обновили свадебные клятвы

In honor of the 35 anniversary of the marriage of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne renewed wedding vows, thereby demonstrating the continuation of their marriage and the fact that the cheating scandal is behind us. They did it in Las Vegas last Sunday.

“For me it means a lot. It’s like a new date for our wedding, a day that I will remember always. We are with Sharon have been through many things and now I feel like we started all over again,” said Ozzie in an interview with “Hello!”.
Recall that in may last year, Sharon filed for divorce after learning that the 68-year-old husband cheated on her with her hairdresser. Friends Ozzy claimed that the rocker actually fell in love, not just having an affair, and allegedly that’s what made Mrs. Osborne to file for divorce. Ozzie also justified by the fact that sick on sex addiction and even went to treatment and rehab – a prerequisite for Sharon to save the marriage.
“I made a huge mistake. Without Sharon, I’m nobody. I love her, and frankly, I never loved anyone other than my wife” said Ozzie.
“To restore confidence was not easy, but I can’t imagine my life without Ozzy. The wedding ceremony was beautiful. We seem to re-fall in love with each other. 35 years is a lot. I was thought it was loving husband, but then fell in love with him again. He tried so hard to mend, tried so hard to be a good husband and a good man, and I realized that there is no one better than him in the world, “said Sharon.
Recall that Mr. and Mrs. Osborn have three grown-up children.