Акции от компании «Ламинат+». Делаем ремонт своими руками максимально экономно

If you want to save on repairs, then there are two options — to buy the flooring for the shares in the company “Laminate+” and produce self laying laminate flooring. And the sale has already started, so better hurry up.

The company “Laminate+” announced the launch of exciting new promotions. In the near future will be exhibited for sale flooring “Richmond”, “Arno”, Line Europe Special Edition, as well as materials from other manufacturers. For those who want to save money, but to buy quality laminate, the action is a great opportunity to implement the plans. Not to miss this chance, be sure to visit the website Laminat-Msc.ru or get in touch by phone with representatives of the company. We should not forget another way to save — self laying laminate flooring.

A little bit about the installation

Laminate floor covering, which can be easily put on their own. A special tool is not required for this, and the experience and skill you can easily develop in the process of the task. The main thing to observe all the recommendations and the stages of installation. The process should occur as follows:

  • fit into the substrate for noise isolation and smoothing of hillocks and pits;
  • by laying the plates face each other;
  • exposed strut to prevent displacement of the laminate.

The main difficulty is to get to the end for the right clicks of a special lock. But you can get the hand, placing a few plates. It remains the case for small — to choose laminate.

Go back to stock

If you are still determined to make a self-laying laminate flooring, you should remember about the promotions mentioned above.

The company “Laminate+” offers regular discounts, especially for regular and wholesale buyers. But right now on the stock sold off the material from the different manufacturers of all sorts of shades. In the presence of artistic parquet with original ornaments, white pine and white oak, and a classic, “Venice”, “Vanilla”, exclusive, etc.

Discounts on all products is significant. Individual instances of a laminate sold at a price of 335 USD for m2. All materials conform 32-34 classes for durability. There’s moisture resistant Board. This parameter must be set to the Manager when placing the order. He will select the appropriate material from a range, realized discounts.

It should be noted that the corresponding product warranty is maintained. Also it can be exchange or return within that case, if the material is not approached or discovered any flaw. Shipping is done the day of order. With the purchase of 20 m2 is free and it is not in stock, and on a regular basis.

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