Шэннон Доэрти пришла к соглашению с бывшими менеджерами

Actress Shannon Doherty, star of the popular 90s series “Beverly hills 90210” found consensus with the former managers, whom she had accused her of neglect of cancer.

About a year star is suing the managers of the company Tanner Mainstain, that time has not paid for the insurance of the actress, and she could not get time to undergo a medical examination. Thus, precious time was lost, and Shannon lost the chest and front of her waiting for chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Doherty demanded from would-be managers compensation in the amount of 15 million. For several months they achieve from Themis each their truth, and last week both sides came to an agreement, the amount of which is not yet announced.
Recall that Shannon decided to openly talk about what is happening with her body and how treatment is. It is supposed to help people with the same disease as her. Doherty said in an interview that the disease is progressing and has already metastasized to the lymph nodes. Sometimes, says the actress embraces her pessimism and apathy, and the only people helping to cope with fears.

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