Шэннен Доэрти сообщила о ремиссии болезни

In March, the star of the TV series “Beverly hills 90210” Shannen Doherty has been released after long-term treatment of cancer, with which she fights already in the last few years. She underwent a mastectomy and lengthy chemotherapy, and her mood was often very pessimistic. But last month it became known that it had completed treatment, but was not sure that the disease has receded. Now Shannen claims that her disease is in remission.

About this, Doherty said on his page on the social network. She posted a photo and said that he understands – this is not the end of the fight, but believes the current health status of a major shift in the course of recovery.
“Moments. They come. Today is one of those moments. What is remission? I heard that word, I do not know yet how to react to it. Is it good? Yes. Embarrassingly? Yes. Now I don’t have to wait.
My friends and acquaintances who have had cancer, you know that the next five years will be decisive. Cancer can return at any time. And I’m waiting with bated breath. Chemotherapy full side effects and can lead to undesirable reactions, but now … remission. I start breathing again,” wrote Shannen.