Шеннен Доэрти: «Мой пёс первым почувствовал мою болезнь»

Actress Shannen Doherty, who is now fighting with dangerous disease, said in an interview that her dog Bowie was the first who felt her health problems.

“My dog is constantly sniffing the area of my right breast. I didn’t know what she was doing, but everything fell into place when I was diagnosed,” said 45-year-old star of TV series “Beverly hills 90210”.
Recall that the diagnosis Shannen was delivered in February 2015, and recently it became known that the actress underwent a mastectomy, is undergoing another course of chemotherapy, because the cancer has metastasized to the lymph nodes.
When Doherty returned home after the operation which took place in may this year, her dog began to sniff from the other side, where he removed the breast, and after chemotherapy, and at all did not admit to himself.
“When I arrived home after the first chemotherapy, Bowie beat me all sniffed from head to toe. She had protected me, and then like crazy – don’t let me no relatives, no friends” — said the actress.
Doherty, which for several years married to photographer Kurt, Iswarienko, said that her husband does not allow her to drown in pessimism and always supported her.
“My husband was just in the warm Italian in Brooklyn, I looked at him and said, “You better enjoy every minute spent with me, because after five years I die.” He burst into tears and kept saying: “You can say that, you even should not think so”. And then I realized that my family will help me through this hell,” said Doherty.

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