Шампунь с чаем матча, черная помада, масло для душа и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Toothpaste with charcoal, shampoo with matcha and coconut oil, the scent of Elie Saab, reminiscent of marzipan with orange, and other beauty innovations of the week — all the most interesting talk in our review.

Makeup collection Girls 3, M. A. With

“Back to school!” — so it would be possible to briefly describe the new collection from M. A. S. Student and horoshistom like palette Smarty Pants with Ludovisi and metallic shades. The most daring will certainly prefer ultramarine palette Pretty Punk. And for those who can’t wait to do a make for the disco and become the star of the dance floor like neon colors Raver Girl.

Шампунь с чаем матча, черная помада, масло для душа и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Not cost of collection and without the sparkling lip glosses. If you’re a fan of lipsticks, you will notice the tool is Pretty Punk in the sparkling black shade.

Шампунь с чаем матча, черная помада, масло для душа и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Perfume Girl Of Now Forever, Elie Saab (50 ml — 6 650 RUB.)

In 2017 perfumers Sophie labbé and Dominique Ropion presented the flavor of the Girl Of Now, the main focus of which was specially created for Elie Saab ingredient is the flower of Ormond, reminiscent of marzipan with orange. New version of the song is built around the same notes, only now in this sweet cocktail added “spices”: the Lebanese lemonade with strawberries and lemon peel and Cassia, absolute of rose and black currant. In the plume — warm shades of patchouli, vanilla and cashmeran.

The new edition is dressed in a bottle the same shape as its predecessors, but this time with coral “necklace”, emphasizing the color of aromatic elixir.

Collection of funds on hair care Nourishing Secrets “Recovery” and “detox”, Dove (196 rubles).

Coconut oil, turmeric, rice milk, and matcha tea is no, this is not a list of ingredients for a healthy Breakfast is ingredients of the shampoo and balm conditioner from the “Recovery” and “detox” from Dove. Fragrant oils and spices for thousands of years to help girls from India to restore hair in hot climates. This traditional recipe was the basis of the line “Recovery”, which helps protect the hair from damage.

Match — known Japanese secret of youth and beauty is ground into powder young green tea leaves, which are considered to be one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world. Experts Dove added this ingredient a line of “detox”, the funds which promise to gently cleanse the hair and remove toxins.

Regenerating care Extra-Firming, Clarins (7 450 rubles).

Last year the experts at Clarins has perfected the formula day and night cream Extra-Firming, released in 1978. They stimulate the skin’s regeneration process, helping to improve its tone and reduce wrinkles. This year in the line there were two tools that perform the same tasks and affect the collagen and elastin fibroblasts (they are just responsible for skin elasticity).

But the main innovation associated with opening filamin — a protein that provides the natural skin tension. With age, its synthesis decreases on average by 88 percent, so keep a clear face oval is becoming increasingly difficult. The result of years of research revealed that there is a miracle plant that is able to correct the situation. It is familiar to all cottagers white lupine! It is this ingredient and has become a key part of regenerating serum Extra-Firming Phyto-Serum. In the formula, you will also find extracts of mitracarpus and anigozanthos, polysaccharides quinoa and agave.

These extracts form the basis of and serum for the skin around the eyes, Extra-Firming Yeux. It’s the only tool that promises to fight puffiness and dark circles, added caffeine, extracts of the bark of albizia and horse chestnut (this is not the tea bags in the morning to make).

Шампунь с чаем матча, черная помада, масло для душа и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Lepidospartum emollient oil for bath and body Lipikar AP+ OIL, La Roche Posay (200 ml — 799 rubles).

Recently we told you about how to deal with eczema that worsens in winter. According to statistics, every year more and more adults and children are faced with skin problems associated with excessive dryness, irritation and itching (it concerns, first of all, people suffering from atopic dermatitis). Research conducted by dermatological laboratory La Roche-Posay, showed that one of the reasons this disease is the disruption of the microbiome, that is, the imbalance of various microorganisms living in the skin and on its surface. To relieve the symptoms, you need to restore the normal microflora. To help in this promises lepidospartum emollient oil for bath and body Lipikar AP+ Oil.

The main component of Aqua Posae Filiformis — lysate of Vitreoscilla Filiformis bacteria grown in the signature thermal water brand. Also, the composition of Niacinamide, Shea butter and glycerin. Which is nice, in the list of ingredients you will find no soap, no parabens, no ethyl alcohol. The novelty can be used as the usual shower gel and can be poured into the tub three to five caps of oil.

Шампунь с чаем матча, черная помада, масло для душа и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Line of lip balms Rose Perfecto, Givenchy (2 930 rubles).

“Color mood pink!” thought the art Director of Givenchy makeup, Nicolas Degen and created a new palette balms Le Rose Perfecto. It presented as a delicate (almost transparent) pink shades, and the most intense. The formula remains the same: hyaluronic acid microspheres, smoothes the lips, beeswax and complex OleoCare that protects from chapping (in our harsh winter — the most it).

Шампунь с чаем матча, черная помада, масло для душа и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Face novelties became Blanca Padilla. On the advertising image of its makeup is made of two shades of Le Rose Perfecto: Fearless Pink No. White Shield 202 and No. 000.

Eyeliner Roller Line, Benefit (1 850 rubles)

In Russia there is finally a matte liquid eyeliner Roller Liner in black and brown shades, which extols Western bloggers. She felt the applicator, the formula is quick-drying and water-resistant (24 hours really kept, do not lie). The arrows do not fade, do not melt and do not crumble, however, as practice showed, the first time to draw a smooth continuous line is difficult, the gaps still have to be filled again and again.

Шампунь с чаем матча, черная помада, масло для душа и другие бьюти-новинки недели

In a couple of eyeliner out of the pencil-highlighter Roller Eye Bright Highlighter Pencil in soft pink shade. Unlike their counterparts, this instance is water-resistant and promises not to “go into the sunset” after the eight-hour working day.

Just swipe the pencil along the inner contour of the eye to allow the eye became more open and expressive. That’s the whole Hiroshi!

Toothpaste Coal & Minerals “Intensive whitening”, ClearaSept (325 rubles).

Surely you know folk prescription teeth — whitening crushed tablet of activated charcoal, applied to the brush, and brush the resulting powder teeth! Now to do all these machinations is not necessary, because there are many modern toothpastes, the main ingredient activated charcoal. Today will introduce you the new product from ClearaSept.

Toothpaste most fashionable black color gently polishes the tooth enamel without damaging it, protects against caries, plaque and Tartar buildup, and coal is like a sponge, absorbs all the impurities and pathogens, constraining the growth of bacteria. Whitening to 10 shades after the “zoom” don’t wait, but the harm to the enamel of this paste is definitely not the cause. New smells herbal with delicate notes of mint, so very refreshing in the mouth.

Шампунь с чаем матча, черная помада, масло для душа и другие бьюти-новинки недели

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