Shame on you! Stanislav Sadalsky posted a photo of Tatyana Vasilyeva skirt and no underwear

Стыд и срам! Станислав Садальский опубликовал фотографию Татьяны Васильевой без юбки и нижнего белья
Thus, the actor wanted to emphasize the youth of the actress.

Tatiana Vasilieva

Photo: Live journal

The blogosphere is agog: the excitement caused by the photos published in social network Stas

The actor presented to the subscribers the their colleagues
actress Tatyana Vasilyeva. In the photograph, the artist is depicted lying on
the couch in the sweater and tights. The most attentive netizens noticed
that the star is missing underwear. “All the day of youth of Russia, signed the Sadalsky. —
To the way we consider and Tanya Vasilyeva, after all, youth is just
a state of mind and youth of the heart. However, understand that only with age”.

Some fans of the actor were outraged by the photo seemed to them
over Frank. Others responded enthusiastically, flaking Vasilyev
compliments. Fans praised the actress and make-up, and for a great figure
where envy and young. Vasiliev has repeatedly said how much for her
it is important to stay in shape. To look “one hundred”, the artist leads a healthy
lifestyle, exercise regularly, and visits to the beautician. Not
she shuns plastic surgery. Recently, Tatyana has made another correction looks:
the actress noticeably increased the lips. Earlier, the people’s artist of the Russian Federation with
plastic surgery corrected the shape of the nose, “allocated” cheekbones, and also changed
the shape of the chin.