“Shallow”: the rules of Dmitri Hvorostovsky

«Главное – не мельчать»: правила Дмитрия Хворостовского About four o’clock in the morning London time became the famous operatic baritone. People’s artist of Russia bravely struggled with cancer, but a serious illness has taken its toll. Thousands of fans of Dmitri Hvorostovsky sorry for someone star.
«Главное – не мельчать»: правила Дмитрия Хворостовского

Today the whole world mourns Dmitry Khvorostovsky, one of the best operatic baritones. For two years charming the singer struggled with a serious illness. It seemed that a little more and he gets on his feet to continue to delight audiences with their performances, but no, the disease was stronger. “StarHit” recalls the most vivid statements of Dmitry about the attitude to life, successors, and art.

“It’s hard. Only the will and patience”: the last years Dmitri Hvorostovsky

Well-known fact that in childhood the little Dima sang a lot, feeding a close great expectations. Here’s what he recalled about that period of time:

“As a child my grandmother used to torture me, forced to perform for the guests, but I didn’t think that he would definitely become an artist, a professional singer. I just loved to sing alone when there was nobody at home, and then I had to overcome myself, my shyness, timidity. But when I started to sing, then forget about everything.”
«Главное – не мельчать»: правила Дмитрия Хворостовского

Dad was always for the artist, an outstanding example of and a reason for pride. Dmitry grew up immersed in an atmosphere of art.

«Главное – не мельчать»: правила Дмитрия Хворостовского“In my childhood our house was always classical music. My father was an excellent pianist who loved Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, and, how many myself I remember, always heard, as he does on piano. “The seasons”, “Children’s notebook”, the Chopin etudes – I these works were very close. Voice Sobinov, Nezhdanova, Chaliapin – the Russian singers were my guiding stars. The first time he heard the voice of Maria Callas, I began to realize Italian music, he loved music of Verdi. Hearing the voice of Hector Bussolini, I heard the ideal of baritone, I realized that I need to do. The voice of Peter Gerasimovich Lisitsian I’ve always loved and admire him,” recalled the artist.

Reaching all conceivable vertices in Opera singing, Hvorostovsky took over the development of the genre crossover. That is why he gladly participated in different projects, explaining it this way:

“The older I get, the more often you allow yourself a little “naughty” and indulge in risky experiments. Although sometimes offer a lot of strange and incomprehensible to me, so you should always remember about the sense of taste.”
«Главное – не мельчать»: правила Дмитрия Хворостовского

He was proud of and a joint project with Igor Krutoy. In its time the public took it very ambiguous.

«Главное – не мельчать»: правила Дмитрия Хворостовского“Yes, I have many blamed for the project “deja vu” which we some years ago did with Igor Krutoy – not concealed Hvorostovsky. But I believe that Igor has outdone himself, and I opened up because 10 years ago even to conceive of such could not. 24 songs were written in different genres, executed in different languages is a very strong and powerful project that I’m proud of it.”

The life of a star consisted of continuous flights and concerts. The performances of the baritone was planned for the years ahead.

“I am often asked about my favourite concert halls… Always difficult to answer. I love the Great Philharmonic hall, where I performed with Maestro Yuri Temirkanov, said Hvorostovsky in interview. Also like hall of the Moscow Conservatory, which is well not only to speak but to sign up! I really love London’s Wigmore hall, where I debuted in 1989. I like the “Carnegie hall” in new York. As for the Opera scenes, I really like London’s Covent garden, the new York “Metropolitan Opera”, Vienna Staatsoper. Don’t really like the Parisian scene – neither the Louvre nor the Eiffel tower it brings me no joy. One is too small and dry (châtelet), and “Bastille” looks like a barn, like an airport.”

«Главное – не мельчать»: правила Дмитрия Хворостовского

Hvorostovsky was sincerely glad that the Opera concerts were held in stadiums and other outdoor venues. “This is my small contribution. In St. Petersburg several times I had a chance to sing at the Palace square, and it was all filled with people. How come people 50 thousand, 100, 150?” – happy musician.

The artist is always willing to help young musicians, but his successor was not able to see through the crowd.

“Hard to talk about successors, because many of those with whom I crossed paths, seem to me a little narrow-minded. A true artist is to absorb everything like a sponge, it all useful on stage and in life – it shapes you and nurtures. But what we see is many young singers are sure that learning to sing, they know everything! Actually, it’s nothing at all! That’s why I always advise young singers to develop not only professionally, but also to read, to grow, to live interesting, love is all only helps on stage”, – says Dmitry.
«Главное – не мельчать»: правила Дмитрия Хворостовского

Opera singer admired the artistic beginning of their colleagues. Speaking of colleagues, he has identified a few iconic names.

“The artist must be a strong personal start – remember Mark Bernes, who can not be called strong vocalist, but people cried. And what figures were Edith Piaf, Maria Callas, Fyodor Chaliapin, who was absolutely unique singer, artist, so how could it get people to the word, the voice hoarse, even when he sang in a low voice – to experience together with him,” said Hvorostovsky.

To its merits the baritone were very modest.

«Главное – не мельчать»: правила Дмитрия Хворостовского“Unfortunately, I can not boast of a good memory. The thing is that all my thoughts down… And a little bit in the present. I really don’t remember what I did, because I always think about the future” – shared with journalists the actor.

Around Hvorostovsky has always been people, and he preferred a quiet family holiday in a circle of close friends.

“Birthdays I find absolutely calmly – often at work. After the show come my friends, my family, wife, Florence Hvorostovsky (in 2003, the couple had a son, Maxim, in 2007-m – daughter Nina.), we were sitting and talking, discussing the events that happen in the world. I remember when I had just passed the milestone of 50 years, I felt a shock from this number, they say, is me for so many years? But gradually returned to normal, realizing that there is no crisis, and in fifty years to live and to sing, too”, he said.

Philosophical thought Dmitri Hvorostovsky:

“Singers there is a phrase “sing by heart” is to sing for real. I still can’t just pick and sing with a half-turn, I’m not a man! I always have, if allowed so to speak, to soar above reality, above ground, to open his mouth and sing. Believe me, it is not very easy. Need a big emotional message”.

“I know that any generation of people will always admire classical music. But not any and not any performance. Should be, above all, colorful artists, whose power of art, power of feelings, Express emotions, plus our singing cannot fail to convince, not to admire”.

“The main thing is not to shallow. Must be high vocal skills, but you have to control your body, to be able to transform, to be a great actor. Must be an athlete, an acrobat, anything. But to sing in the traditions that underpin the art of Opera”.