Shakira returns to her ex Gerard Pique Two months ago, 46-year-old singer Shakira along with her children moved from Barcelona to Miami.

Shakira returns to her former Gerard Pique The reason for this was a difficult break with football player Gerard Piqué.

And the day before there was news that the celebrity was coming back. According to the information provided by the Spanish edition of La Vanguardia, the sons of the once beloved begin their holidays, and by agreement between Shakira and Pique, 10-year-old Milan and 8-year-old Sasha should just see their father.

Shakira returns to his former Gerard Pique

Initially, Gerard himself was going to fly to the singer's new home in Miami. But, apparently, such a turn of events would not really suit a woman with a broken heart, because he would definitely take his young mistress with him.

It is worth noting that Shakira plans to visit his native Colombia this summer. The thing is that her elderly father, who is already 91 years old, will have a difficult operation, and therefore the singer would like to support him with her physical presence.

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