Шакира опровергла слух о своем расставании со своим бойфрендом
The singer and Gerard Pique appeared together in public.

Shakira and Gerard Pique with the children


finally dispelled the rumors about his separation with Gerard Pique, his favorite
and the father of her two sons. The singer appeared along with her boyfriend and children on the game of basketball in new York the day after Christmas. However,
even before the Peak said that the rumors about the breakup of his relationship with Shakira not

make every effort to make our lives evolved properly. We
love each other is the Foundation of our family. Family for me most importantly,
all else is secondary!” said Gerard.

We recall the rumor that Shakira has gone from Peak
spread in early autumn. Claimed that the singer had moved out of the house, where she
lived with footballer Gerard Pique and their two children, four-year-old Milan
seventeen-month-old Sasha. In
the last time before the match the spouses were seen together this summer —
the wedding of his friend and colleague Lionel Messi.

if Shakira really decided to leave from the player, none of her
friends that are not surprised. After all, although the singer has repeatedly said that Gerard is perfect in the role of the father of their sons, she
a bit tired of waiting for him to propose. After all, Gerard has lived with
Shakira seven years, and during that time she bore him Milan, who is now
four years and Sasha is just
and a half. And although the singer has repeatedly hinted that he would like to become married lady,
The peak and did not consent to her getting engaged.