Шакира дала интервью впервые за 2 года

Recent interviews Shakira gave in 2017 on the eve of her wedding with famous footballer Gerard Piqué. In the network all this time, there were rumors about problems in a young family, so the singer broke the silence and talked about their life together.

Шакира дала интервью впервые за 2 года

Your relationship with your spouse, she finds the perfect, and their two sons – Sasha (4 years) and Milan (6 years) do not pose any problems, but rather every day make their parents even happier.

“In the traditional sense we were never a normal couple. We have not entered into a written agreement about who is what home responsibilities takes and stuff like that. We’re both happy and equally involved in the upbringing of children. And try to do it well. We support each other and do everything” — so the singer comments on the Peak.

Shakira also talked about the fact that now a lot of time devoted to charity. At the moment, its main goal – full-fledged school in the small Colombian town of Barranquilla, this is the place where she was born and raised. Due to the construction of Shakira struggle every day to communicate with the government to solve certain problems, but to connect the life with the policy she wants. Now the most important thing for her is to help all needy children get a decent education in the city.

According to Shakira it is clear that in family life and in charitable organizations she’s doing great. Unfortunately, its reputation is already not the first year because of charges from the tax service. The singer evaded the payment of taxes in the amount of 14.6 million euros. Perhaps that is why she now rarely appears in public.

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