Шакира и Пике оставили повару 20 тысяч евро чаевых на Ибице

Stay Shakira and Gerard Pique in Ibiza ended for the staff who served them, a great joy in the form of huge tips. In his generosity, the singer and the footballer seems to have surpassed all his colleagues.

As reported by the Western media for a family holiday, Shakira and Gerard rented a Villa where of served personal chef. The couple felt that the services of a cook for them would be more acceptable than trips to restaurants and other institutions.

It seems the chef did not disappoint them, but rather fall in love with, because at the end of the holiday, Shakira and Gerard decided to financially encourage your temporary employees is a tip in the amount of 20 thousand euros.

It is noted that the player before leaving, took out two pockets for 10 thousand euros and with the phrase “Buy yourself something” he handed the money to the stunned cook. The identity of the chef is revealed. Remuneration said man specialist.

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