Шакиру и Жерара Пике заметили вместе после слухов о расставании

In October there were many rumors that Shakira and Gerard Pique broke up after 7 years of marriage. After some time, the stars put up a joint photo in instagram, which made it clear that the couple all is well and they are together.

Шакиру и Жерара Пике заметили вместе после слухов о расставании

The other day the lovers were spotted in new York city. The singer and athlete was at the airport named after John F. Kennedy and her children — four-year-old Milan and two-year-old Sasha. The family behaved quite normally, and seeing the camera paparazzi, Shakira smiled.

Recall that the Spaniard Gerard Pique, who recently played in the match between FC Barcelona and Espanyol showed an obscene gesture to his wife, because of what the Internet rumors that the couple broke up. Moreover, recently, the famous singer Shakira have noticed during your departure from home of football with the children. But Pique has denied all the rumors about the breakup with the help of the story on instagram.

More recently, in his instagram, the man put the photo in a story where from the back shows his children and wife Shakira. Milan and Sasha hug my mother. The photo he signed, “#Sunday Family time!”. Thus, the player has assured the fans that now got them all right and they’re having free time together.

During a recent football match, paparazzi filmed an obscene gesture that Gerard was addressed to his beloved wife. Players show two fingers on both hands in honor of the goal, but apparently the Peak he wanted to enrich the tradition.

In the September issue of the magazine HOLA!, Shakira told reporters about how her husband fails to balance work and personal life. As can be seen via instagram, the guys do find time to relax together. The singer believes that family is the most important thing in life for which you have to make sacrifices.

“We try to make each other all we can. We got a lot of love, is the Foundation for any family. You have to care about this feeling and give it time. It is the most important for me in this life. The rest is secondary.” says the girl.

For the first time the couple met in 2010 before the world Cup in South Africa. The singer then sang the national anthem in the African world Cup — song Waka Waka: Time for Africa, and Gerard participated in the filming of one of her videos. In March next year, the girl put up photos with her lover in social networks, thus officially declaring the relationship. She signed it “I present to you my sunshine.” In 2012, the year the public learned that the couple is expecting a child. Milan Mebarak Piqué was born on 22 Jan 2013. In September of 2014 the singer was pregnant again. Their second son Sasha was born in January of 2015.