Шакира и Жерар Пике готовятся к свадьбе The couple announced intention to legalize the relationship. Singer Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Pique fans the happy news. The young man received the consent of the lady to marry him.

Popular singer Shakira and the defender of football club “Barcelona” Gerard Pique is considered one of the strongest pairs of foreign show business. Celebrities together for seven years. During this time they had been born two sons: Milan and Sasha. However, to make the relationship official star decided only now.

Note that more recently, young people regarded marriage as an unnecessary formality. They lived happily together, raised the heirs did not pay attention to the gossip of others. Shakira has repeatedly said that they already have the most important thing – love. However, beauty has never denied the possibility of the wedding and was sure that Gerard is the only one who fit the role of her husband.

So, the man decided to make a serious step and offered his beloved to marry him. Of course, the artist replied “Yes”, as the pair hastened to tell the world. Fans of the family was delighted by this news. And, despite the fact that neither the singer nor the players didn’t covered the event in the microblogging, users “Instagram” still left hundreds of comments under the posted informed posts. They wished the couple a happy life together and the birth of his daughter.

“You fellows! Finally, your Union will be official!”, “Offer? Why? You never took marriage seriously. No, I’m certainly happy for you, but I still don’t understand why the opinion has changed?” “Hurrah! I think you will soon be a little Princess!” – I wrote to the followers of celebrities.

In addition, some of them suggested that the Peak I decided to take this action because of a recent trip to the home of Shakira in Colombia. Then the young people together with kids for the first time met the New year in a circle of relatives of the performer. Probably on vacation, the man realized that he can not live without his beloved and in order not to lose it, decided to compromise on principles.

Now the lovers are preparing for the celebration, the date of which is yet kept secret. Fans believe that their idols will throw a posh party to which are invited relatives and close friends. And while the most devoted admirers of the actress with bated breath waiting for photos of her wedding dress.

“In the future we will have the wedding we planned! I see Shakira with his wife and she agrees it to be,” said the player in the broadcast of the Italian talk show Pomeriggio 5.