Шейлин Вудли рассказала о своем аресте

Shailene Woodley, known for starring in the fantasy film “Divergent” told about their emotions during the arrest in October 2016. The actress was detained at the protest Standing Rock. Activists gathered to protest against the exaltation of the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota.

Шейлин Вудли рассказала о своем аресте

The girl was broadcasting her arrest on Facebook. To see a live broadcast of the arrest of the famous actress came more than 40 thousand fans. They supported her, watching the police, who put on the girl the handcuffs.

Woodley told how he was stripped for a search. “I was naked for a search. I just stripped, turned, spread her buttocks and bent,” the girl told the magazine “MarieClaire” about how conducted a search for drugs in prison, Morton County, “They were looking for drugs in my ass.”

The actress has experienced the horrors of arrest. The girl realized that being behind the bars of a prison cell, no one can save you. ‘When you’re in a prison cell and they close the door, you realize that no one can save you. If a fire starts and they decide not to open the door, you will die. You are trapped in a captivity animal.”

The events of the protest did not remain without consequences for the actress and her friends. The girl told that she had to remain without phone service for three months due to symptoms of PTSD who experienced her friends and herself.

“There were a lot of injuries,” says Shaylene. “Mine was like “What do I do next?”. A bit like depression.”

Woodley is not only engaged in activism, but also leads a healthy and natural lifestyle. That is why the star of “Divergent” came to the defense of the environment. She tries without makeup and even makes homemade toothpaste.

Despite the hard times, Shailene Woodley is busy filming a new drama called Adrift along with star of “the hunger games” Sam Claflin. The shooting took place in New Zealand, wrote the actress in her instagram. “Sometimes, when it’s 40 градусовsometimes, you constantly pour ice water bucket, a propane tank and shower become your best friends. Welcome to New Zealand.”