Sexy ex-soloist of “VIA gra” has created a new group. VIDEO

Сексуальные экс-солистки «ВИА Гры» создали новую группу. ВИДЕО Olga Romanovskaya, Tatiana Kotova and Santa Dimopoulos has already recorded the first song. No details about the upcoming project girls are not announced, but confirmed that the steel members of the new team.

      At the disposal of edition “StarHit” was the entry from the photo shoot, which was attended by Olga Romanovskaya, Tatiana Kotova and Santa Dimopoulos. Apparently, they poziroval Threesome for a cover or program. The correspondent managed to find out that the sexy ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” became part of a new musical project.

      According to the singer’s work in the new team will not affect their solo careers. The name of the girl trio has been kept secret. Producer of Bakinski Sergei Kovalyov, known for his projects on the music television and lectures at the Higher school of Economics, said the “StarHit” that the band name will be announced at a special press conference on 15 November.

      “We have already recorded the first single, is a lyrical composition, oriented to the mass female audience. I can also say that on November 19 all in for just a huge surprise. We all have eyes, we have been working now for 18 hours on the project… It’s just the bomb. Emotional, sexual, melodic super – that’s what our group”, – said Sergey.

      It is known that Romanov lives in Switzerland, Santa in Kiev, Tatyana Kotova lives in Moscow. Apparently, the concept of the project is bright enough to resist the suggestions the girls could not. The hints of the producer, are all in for a surprise on November 19. As can be seen in the video, during a photo shoot ex-member of the group “VIA Gra” showed good mood and happily posed for the camera.

      Director Olga Romanov Yury Borisov has told, why the actress agreed to take part in a new trio. “As you know, some time ago, Olga ceased to be the leading project of “revizorro”, while a solo musical career Olga continued participation in a global performance, as the new group of the hottest girls of the Golden days of “VIA gra” it is logical for Olga story. She loves everything new and professional. And the team working on a new band – is the best Russian experts in the musical show-business”.