Семь лет забвения: как Василий Степанов спасался от депрессии и нищеты The star of “Inhabited island” by Fyodor Bondarchuk pet, decided to follow in his footsteps. After seven years spent in poverty and depression, Vasily Stepanov tries himself as a Director.

      Семь лет забвения: как Василий Степанов спасался от депрессии и нищеты

      After the bright debut of an actor admired by the whole country. The fans were on duty at the entrance, offers poured in tens. But the test of Slava Stepanov has not passed, failed health: diagnosed with “manic depression” Bob put on the account in a psychoneurological clinic. Shooting, performances, interviews, all had to be abandoned.

      Romantic games

      “So be it, come in!” – without enthusiasm opens the door to father Basil. Sergey meets “StarHit” in a narrow corridor and out into the room the rest of the evening. About happy days in the apartment like a forgotten Christmas tinsel. In a two-bedroom apartment in the West of Moscow, crammed 4 people and a Siamese cat SIM. House for about 10 years trying to demolish to make repairs pointless. The old threshold, rusted bathroom and creaky floors here normal thing.

      Basil, no separate bedroom. The former sex symbol has to share a bedroom with his younger brother Maxim, actor sleeping on an old couch next to the computer.

      “I poured you tea. Take sweets and fried bread, feel free,” shouts from the kitchen, Bob. Next to him is brother and mother. “The diplomas for the sport! – Maxim awards shows. – In school, went to karate, then judo. After 2 years, Vaska enrolled in ushu-Sanda. I protested, but joined him…”

      The childhood has passed in the courtyard, playing, “knives”, jumped in the garage. At the age of 16 have tried alcohol and weed, but not “addicted”. Now the brothers are all different.

      “We Wake up, eat Breakfast, – said Vasily. I try four times a day to go to the Playground, there are swinging chin-UPS. Sometimes we go out to the store or to the Park. I love to watch an old movie with a police theme. Recently from the library to read Stanislavsky. Tried to work a fitness trainer. But I have no experience, so I refused…”
      Семь лет забвения: как Василий Степанов спасался от депрессии и нищеты

      Shredded short hair, skinny during treatment, at home gray shorts and a black t-shirt Polo…. It is difficult to know kinky beefy macho Maxim Kammerer of “Inhabited island”. On questions about plans for the future Bob often meets the phrase “don’t know”. A seven-year break in his career knocked out of the saddle. Like many years ago, Stepanov once again out in the movie.

      Max carries me to the auditions, ” says Basil. – Feel calmer when close nearby. One of the first asked me: “Who is the action hero of our time?” I’m confused – don’t follow new films. But then I remembered Danila Kozlovsky in “duhless”. A good actor, and the film adaptation did a good. Earlier and told me that I look like a hero-lover. However, I don’t know how now my appearance meets the standards of beauty. Still auditioning for a romantic lead. To play the main characters I don’t give, secondaries why not?”

      Basil has long plagued the idea of returning in the actor’s environment. Stepanov threatened for the lead role in the film “Roman with cocaine” Director Gennady Sidorov asked Valery Uskov in the project “to marry Pushkin’s”, but the results so far no.


      Семь лет забвения: как Василий Степанов спасался от депрессии и нищеты

      “Now the Russian movie. Will be impressive if Bob will be back on screens this year,” boldly declares Maxim. The forces of his brother, he was more confident than ever. The frustrations of relatives from depression in the past. By the way, the 30-year-old actor is still recognized on the street. Fans just resent that he does not support communicating with them in a newly opened account in Instagram. Some fans asked to perform at festivals. Willing to pay a tidy sum to see the actor. Even offered to participate in the children’s matinee, just read the poem for 50 thousand rubles.

      “Many people write love messages, appoint personal meetings. But it is dangerous, you never know what will happen,” Stepanov continued. At the moment the only close friend of Basil Eugene Oroba. They are familiar with the theatre Institute, sometimes she throws him a job.

      “Jack wanted me to play. Then I dragged the “Mosfilm”, but did not work… Maybe because it’s hard to remember the text. Directors sometimes are going to meet. Allow to change the place of words or add a phrase. But it’s not working. And pay in the theater of the spear.”

      About little fees Basil knows more than anyone else. A couple of months ago he was asked to star in the music video of “Propaganda”, where Stepanov had to appear in 5 minutes of a romantic scene. “I was invited to the shooting of a fee of 10 thousand rubles. Of course, this is a good opportunity to come back. But I am outraged by the amount thought at least 30 gives. Said, they say, “bent”.

      Another failure means a new quest. The family has only two people: mother is a cashier in the restaurant and brother is a realtor. The father retired. Bob also carries another idea – to try his hand at directing.

      “This dream he appeared even during my studies at the Institute. He talked a lot with guys with uncut stream, they inspired him. Want to make movies only with beginning actors to gain experience. But we need money, higher education is expensive, we do not pull,” – shared with “StarHit” the mother of Ludmila.

      Basil already thinking about what to spend one night in a new role: “Right on the car I have, and the car is long sold. Probably, clothes, buy, shirts or jeans, and maybe boots or sneakers.”

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