Семимесячная дочь Юлии Савичевой уже пытается ей подражать The star, who seven months ago became a mother, went back to work. Yulia Savicheva performs concerts and appears at social events. Recently the singer shared the success of his successor to journalists.
Семимесячная дочь Юлии Савичевой уже пытается ей подражать

Last year, 30-year-old Julia Savicheva became a mother. A graduate of one of the “Factories of stars” gave birth to a daughter in Portugal. Throughout the waiting period of the successor around the singer were a great number of rumors. The actress didn’t want to attract too much attention to his interesting position, why not advertise it.

Savicheva recently attended the presentation of the new television show “SONGS”. During the event, the singer told reporters about what grows its adorable heiress. According to Yulia, the girl is already showing musical talent and tries to sing.

“My daughter is growing – she is absolutely amazing. She’s funny, she already is the seventh month. Yes, the time flies very fast. It would seem, I recently gave birth to her, and now she’s the seventh month. She’s already trying to say something, always laughing, smiling, singing, – said the artist, laughing. Just because I’m her every day sing, she’s imitating. She is very curious and likes to communicate with people and be in the crowd, roughly speaking”.

In the nearest plans Savicheva – preparations for the tour. Celebrity plans to please fans who live in the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions. According to the artist, the birth of her daughter changed her. Star wants to present fans with a new concert program, including the song “fear Not.” A lyric video for this track came out in December last year and received over a million views on YouTube.

Yulia Savicheva: “In life there is nothing more important than children»

“For me it was always important work to do. But now I realize that in life there is nothing more important than children. Unfortunately, we live in a world where parents leave their children. Or will the fate of children left alone. I understand that not everyone dares to take the child to the family, but everyone has the opportunity to fulfill the dream of the child becoming his guardian angel” – said a celebrity.

According to Savicheva, it does not plan to take with you on tour baby. Daughter of stars is still very small, so she will stay with relatives. When the artist is busy at work, her substitute husband and grandmother. “I am very grateful to them”, – quotes celebrity WomanHit.ru. In recognition Savicheva, she can’t live without their profession. So a young woman competently plans the time to give him and heir, and his activities as a singer.