Seven facts from the biography of the winner of “Eurovision” Jamala

Семь фактов из биографии победительницы «Евровидения» Джамалы
Where the singer was born, why her parents had to divorce free a girl’s heart, and other details of the life of the singer.

Семь фактов из биографии победительницы «Евровидения» Джамалы


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The main news of the past weekend in the music world was the victory of the Ukrainian singer Jamala at “Eurovision 2016”. has collected seven interesting facts
the biography of the artist.

1. Jamal — not
the singer’s real name.

The true name stars — Susanna
Dzhamaladinova. Alias Jamal, the singer came up, slashing his name.
It happened before the contest “New wave 2009”: to come to Jurmala, the girl quickly
became one of the undisputed leaders of the competition and won the Grand Prix of the “New wave”,
sharing the first place with the Indonesian sandy Sandoro. Alla Pugacheva
after the execution of Jamalay song “Mama’s boy”, applauded the young singer

2. Below
to return home, the parents had to divorce.

Although Susanna binds his
the fate of the Crimea, she was born in Kyrgyzstan in Osh city, where her great-grandmother was
exiled during the deportation of the Tatars from the Crimea. Great-grandfather and all the men from the
grandmother died at the front. Her father is Tatar, Armenian mother. In 1989 the family
Susanna was able to return to Crimea, Malorechenskoye village (formerly
Kuchuk-Uzen), where ancestors lived. To move the family decided, as soon as Jamal
was born, but to buy a house and move his family, went six
years. Find someone who will agree to sell the house returning to the Crimean Tatars,
it was impossible, so buying a mother whose nationality is not
raise suspicions. Her parents had temporarily divorced to
to clean out the “Tatar trail” in the documents of the mother. According to the singer, to decide on
such a move was morally very difficult.

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  • Семь фактов из биографии победительницы «Евровидения» Джамалы


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Семь фактов из биографии победительницы «Евровидения» Джамалы

  • +3


    16.05.2016 | 17:15

    why do we have to write about it……..she has no respect for our country….so let’s not touch her so as not stank……


    • +1

      A glass-8921

      > nata))

      16.05.2016 | 17:57

      You mean from You?


  • 0


    16.05.2016 | 17:39

    She should be grateful that her family was exiled to Kyrgyzstan, and by allowing them to bring in 500 kg belongings per family, not to Siberia, to fell the forest and not tried according to the laws of war,given the fact, why they were exiled and who were exiled. If not sent, unknown to them was done by those who returned from the war. I’m not talking that she became known after our contest “New wave”. And now the girl just used as a political pawn, and forget. Indeed, ascham to write about it, and when it’s clear who she is and why.


    • 0


      > Android-5287

      16.05.2016 | 18:02

      Android-5287, so the girl is comfortable to be a pawn in someone else’s game.


  • 0


    16.05.2016 | 17:55

    Oh, let’s all together cry for the fate of the poor-unhappy ancestors where deported, how hard it was to gather up the house… did Not figure to return. I would sit with Kyrgyzstan and howling their songs. Shame! Song – howling, cap in hand, begged 1st place. Oskar Kuchera rightly said – show no. Came, sing (howling), left. All. Do not write in our media about it.


  • +1


    16.05.2016 | 18:01

    A wonderful biography, pressure on compassion, but almost every family experienced in those days difficulties, Yes bigger but not things that could easily be solved with the help of fictitious divorce, and then contain a private boarding house and to play music. Amused journalists, calling the 26-year-old Jamal, speaking at Jurmala, “young creation”.


    • 0


      > Owl-2540

      16.05.2016 | 18:07

      Owl-2540, exactly every family has experienced the rigors of war, and the hardships of repression. And survived with dignity without fictions and howling.


      • 0


        > Star-2180

        16.05.2016 | 18:44

        Star-2180, born slaves “without fictions and howling” and proud of it


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