“Setup” in the show Dmitry Shepelev angered viewers

«Подстава» в шоу Дмитрия Шепелева возмутила телезрителей
Mom Dana Borisova exposed popular program.

Dana Borisova with mom

Photo: Social Networks

The media widely discussed the latest disclosure shows Dmitry Shepelev “actually”. Just yesterday the press published an interview with mom Dana Borisova, where she revealed the details of the shooting, revolted many viewers. She stated that, say, a TV show — a solid “set up”, and no detector is actually there.

A close relative of the star reported that the day before the date of its participation in the program, she called and warned about the trouble. “I got a call at 12 at night and said that the program will be shot on a well-planned scenario. I don’t believe it, but the next day, started to figure out the editor whether this issue will be directed against me. I said, “what are you, Katherine, that can’t be…” But in the end everything was built on lies and deceit!” — said the mother Borisova.

This mother admitted that her daughter at the time of entry of the controversial issue was in a difficult situation, than supposedly “played” the organizers of the show. “The editors have used the unstable state of This. A detector there was not any at all!” — quoted her Sobesednik.ru. Mom Borisova also said that, after coming to the Studio “really” had a terrible scene with my daughter. But then, realizing that their family scandal could be a setup by the creators of the program, reconnected with Dana.

It is curious that the popular program had been criticized parties. The negative reviews about the organizers of the project “actually” has left Igor Talkov Jr. and singer Danko. Both stars felt cheated after the filming of the project. Revelation mother Dana Borisova has again raised a wave of indignation of the viewers who increasingly doubt the veracity of the show.