“Sesame street” will cease to parody trump

«Улица Сезам» перестанет пародировать Трампа

The beginning of censorship in the US? Ten years in the American children’s program “sesame Street” was a character Donald Grump (grump “grumpy” in English)., but now the creators of the TV show that it will not show.

The plot shows Donald Gramp was intriguing, to pit each other the other characters, and polluted streets.
According to the Washington Post, referring to the words of Lizzie Fishman, press-Secretary of the organization Sesame Workshop, the administration of the new President of the United States of America is going to cut the budget of the organization PBS (the so-called public Service broadcasting) funding a number of projects, including the show “sesame Street”.
“We were never involved in politics, and our parody was far from that. We parodied the only famous pop singers and TV stars,” said Lizzie. In fact, few could have imagined that the media Mogul-billionaire once you become President of the United States.
Earlier media reported that the team of Donald was significantly curtailed funding for the program in which it is exhibited in a bad light. However, direct evidence that the new budget policy of the President was the cause of the removal of the Grampa from “sesame Street” associated with it.
I must say that Donald is very insecure and touchy. Most recently, he personally responded to the new video with rapper Snuppa Dog that’s the plot of the video shoots a gun in the character like a Republican. Donald personally reprimanded the actor and declared that if the clip was a man like Barack Obama, he was immediately sent to jail for such antics.