Seryabkina told the truth about Pauline’s departure from the group “SEREBRO”

Серябкина рассказала правду об уходе Полины из группы «SEREBRO»
The singer grieved the dismissal of a friend.

Olga Seryabkina and Polina favorskaya

Photo: @serebro_official Instagram

Olga Seryabkina has already gone through a few changes in the group “SEREBRO”. For some time the popular band has been the “turnover” rate, which is not good for the singer. Because each of the participants, Olga manages to make friends, so every time in such a situation it loses not just a colleague and friend. The same happened with Pauline Tabor, who will soon leave the project of Maxim Fadeev. About her departure became known at the end of August, but Seryabkina still can’t bring myself to believe that “lost” a faithful friend.

“Of course, it has been some time and we are already resigned to the idea. I even specifically noted that the three of us began to laugh about this topic. I mean — answer the questions as if in a joke… First they baffled me, and then it became such a Flow. But Katya go in this sense, for Polina. Maybe she is going through on the inside and doesn’t want to be serious, maybe just how it goes and we support it in this… But today I spent all day thinking about it, and 100 realized that I don’t like to saucepot topic — for me it’s stress. Large enough. Internal. Although it has happened more than once, but I can’t keep up!” — said Olga.

We will remind, according to the official version Polina decided to leave the popular group after a trip to Cambodia. Your hand favorskaya now wants indefinitely to send to meditative practices.