Seryabkina suggested Temnikovo to let go of resentments

Серябкина предложила Темниковой отпустить обиды The artist left a bunch of post in a social network. A few days ago Olga has congratulated eks-the soloist SEREBRO birthday that caused heated discussions fans. Many fans speculated that lines from the new record is also dedicated to Lena.

      A few days ago, fans of the group SEREBRO began to actively discuss the relationship Seryabkina Olga and Elena Temnikova on the pages of artists on social networks. Former colleagues at the girly trio did not communicate with each other for many years. Ex-” “star factory “participant” left the band in 2014, and later admitted in an interview that she had serious disagreements with Maxim Fadeev and Olga Seryabkina. Lena Temnikova told about humiliations that were suffered in the group SEREBRO

      The team leader congratulated ex-girlfriend happy birthday, laying out their joint the. Fans assumed that all the wrongs in the past. Even more questions has caused new post Seryabkina forgiveness.

      “I wanted to share with you something, today. It would seem nonsense, but for some reason I now think that it is very important. I want to say about the power of forgiveness. In forgiveness, the strength is not to say “sorry” or “forgive”, and to do it in the first place. It seems to me that this is one of the most incredible feelings because you feel like, on the one hand, rising on a high mountain on the other – the feeling when you have overcome a lot of steps and descended to its foot, and it’s easy for you, and proud that you managed to overcome all difficulties and came back home to yourself. And pride is that you overcame all your but all your “cons”, which concluded pride and resentment, your own sense of injustice against yourself and your claim, and your stung by,” said Seryabkina.

      According to Olga, and she always believed that to forgive people quite easily. However, in one of the situations she did not know how to behave. The soloist believes that she did not quite understand, to forgive the person.

      “Because someone I loved, I have nothing to forgive, and the one who hurt me, I didn’t know, although it was one and the same person. And it took me a while. A lot of time, so I could connect these two different people in one and understand it, and forgive, letting go,” continued the actress, stating that their freedom after forgiveness.