Served in prison for Timur Eremeeva accused of lying

Отсидевшего в тюрьме за Тимура Еремеева обвинили во лжи Evgeny Sokolov passed check on the lie detector. The examiner rendered a verdict – the man is not always true. Previously, the friend of Timur Yeremeyev said that he went to prison on drug charges.
Отсидевшего в тюрьме за Тимура Еремеева обвинили во лжи

In the autumn of last year the whole country with a sinking heart watching the history of Timur Eremeeva and Karina of Mishulin. The young actor trying to prove that he is the son of Spartak Vasilyevich. For a long time in talk-show appeared various versions of the rumors and eyewitness accounts. Each side believes itself right and insists on its position.

Yesterday in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live,” there was an old friend of Timur Eremeev Evgeniy Sokolov. The man said that for eight months they were sharing an apartment in the Moscow district of Mitino. In his stories, Timur asked him to take the blame in the drug case. A neighbor generously agreed to meet the man. Not so long ago a man went to a familiar place and told us more about life with the actor.

A friend of Timur Yeremeyev has declared, that did for him in prison

“His childhood had never been particularly affectionate, sweet. Father Sergei was beaten, did not understand, thought a girl-not a girl. Insulted, did not understand his taste for life. Drank much. And mom says, he was constantly gone, because the family as a tyrant was. He [Timur] was like sort of PR. He himself had invented, that he has famous relatives there,” recalled falcons.
Отсидевшего в тюрьме за Тимура Еремеева обвинили во лжи

Many experts in the Studio didn’t believe Eugene. However, the man was willing to do anything to prove the truth of his words. The editors of the program “live” TV channel “Russia 1” sent a man on a lie detector. Examiner Oleg Baryshev reported results. As it turned out, not everything said by man is true.

“Confirm the words of Eugene about what Timur told about his father, the so-called dad Sergey, it is impossible. That is, it is not true,” – said the expert.

However, attending the Studio remained unanswered: does Eugene took the blame on himself and thereby saved Timur from prison? Eremeev he also does not want to answer a question and comment on the situation, using vague wording.

“The imagination of man is the brighter and more unusual than poorer and mediocrity of his daily life. Against me fantasize so rapidly that I am sincerely sorry for the authors. Wanted to close the topic. The truth is,” wrote Timur in the microblog.