Seriously ill father begs Malinin son of the last meeting

Тяжело больной отец Малинина молит сына о последней встрече Nicholas vyguzov sure that his days are numbered. Parent Alexander Malinin does not understand what his eminent successor so offended by it. 77-year-old Nikolai Stepanovich these days is in one of hospitals of Ekaterinburg, where is undergoing treatment after recently suffering a stroke.
Тяжело больной отец Малинина молит сына о последней встрече

The father of star 90s Alexander Malinin Nikolai vyguzov, which is 10 November, I’ll be 78 years old these days is in the hospital. An elderly man was hospitalized with a stroke in early October and already more than a month is under the supervision of doctors at a clinic in Yekaterinburg. Caring for the father of the famous musician only his wife Tatyana. An elderly man alone can not even sit down, he is hard of hearing and needs serious rehabilitation.

Nikolai Stepanovich has not lost hope that one day in the doorway of the hospital room will be his son, Alexander, the dream of a meeting which he lives the last years. Father Malinin sure that his days are numbered and hopes that star heir will hear it and come to say goodbye. Alexander Malinin broke all ties with the father and the children from two marriages

“I really want to see him, says the son of Nicholas vyguzov. – Hugging tightly… for the last time. It needs to come to me, to say goodbye”.
Тяжело больной отец Малинина молит сына о последней встрече

Nikolai Stepanovich genuinely do not understand what he so offended Alexander. After the divorce of the future stars of the father stopped communicating with his son, supported him financially when he had problems after moving to Moscow.

Тяжело больной отец Малинина молит сына о последней встрече“He called me: “Dad, come money. I have a ruble left for you.” I was sent to 2000 rubles per month (Nicholas vyguzov then worked as a foreman at a construction site and earned good money). But he warned: “mother share”. Never he did not refuse. Sasha then still nobody knew, – says Nikolay Stepanovich. – I am the sea drove them every year when he and his brother were little. Well, I divorced with their mother at the age of 32, so what? I didn’t just leave them. Helped always. I really need to say goodbye. Cover me.”

Meanwhile, the wife of Alexander Malinin Emma believes that native musician artificially wind of the scandal, trying to draw attention to their persons. The woman believes that the stroke of Nikolay Stepanovich exists only in the imagination of his wife.

“Sasha’s father and there was no stroke. They are all up – wind the whole team rogue. I this question is not interfering. Sasha has a brother Oleg, who lives near the father, the mother, who is aware of everything happening. Dad I only saw on the transmission. Wife of Nikolay Stepanovich beneficial to twist, and we don’t want to spend time on courts,” – said Emma.

Nikolai Stepanovich genuinely do not understand why the son avoids contact with him. But the wife of an elderly man has his own version of this. “Alexander is simply a shame to communicate with his father. Because my father is a simple laborer, not an oligarch! We are on concert Sasha went several times. So it is never anything good from the scene nor about the father or about the mother not said,” shared Tatyana in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Nicholas Vyguzova outraged and speculation about what he would ask of the son financial support. “I do not need his money! I communicate with the son I want,” concluded the old man.