Сергей Астахов рассказал, когда вновь будет отцом The actor wants a baby from a young wife. However, Sergey Astakhov has not decided on the exact timing of when they decide to have a baby. Artist and his lover has not yet issued the relations in the registry office.

Star of theatre and cinema Sergey Astakhov happy in a relationship with a primary school teacher Victoria. A girl younger than him by 16 years. However, as I told actor, im very good together. The actor said that he is happy to live with a girl who is not working in his field.

“It has nothing to do with my profession. Vika travels with me on tour, sometimes at performances, visits to the shooting, we try to spend more time together. I have so for the first time that the second half is not directly related to my work. Maybe it’s good: it deals with children, this is a very noble profession. When I found out I liked it so much. We may be a little different poles, but, as they say, opposites attract. When I come home, nobody talks about a role that did not happen”, – said Astakhov.

According to Sergei, they are already thinking when to have a baby. While his fiancee continues to work, and he is in no hurry to propose.

“But I can do it at any time. She is not against it, but afraid to jinx it. We’ve been together for four years. She works as a school teacher of initial classes. It is far to go because she lived at first in one area, now we live in another. And will probably have to change their place of work. Vick spent enough time in this school, says that you need to hold your class for another two years. But we can, so podgadat: she will finish them in the fourth grade to teach and in the decree would leave immediately. We ponder that question, and why wait?” – noted artist.

Prior to that, he was married to Victoria Adelfina. They had a daughter Maria. She followed in the footsteps of his father. 20-year-old girl tried myself in different professions, but decided to enroll in drama school.

“Masha was in America, in England, she had some courses at Oxford. Studied journalism, but then said that it was not her. Not quite as she imagined this profession. After a year left the Institute, was admitted to the first year of the Higher school of Economics, studied there for a year and said that this is not quite what she wanted to do. And so, she decided to enroll in drama school in Moscow this spring. At first I thought I didn’t, and it will be a normal person, not an actress. But apparently, and this thicket will not pass me. I hope I will. Will do — I’ll have to play to play, and then learn, the more it is played in the movies,” Astakhov said in an interview Womanhit.ru.