Сергей Астахов рассказал правду о расставании с Еленой Кориковой The actor has shed light on personal life. Four years ago Sergey Astakhov broke up with Elena Korikova, which provoked heated discussions of fans of the star couple. Many of them put forward their version of why the artists decided to put an end to the relationship.
Сергей Астахов рассказал правду о расставании с Еленой Кориковой

48-year-old Sergey Astakhov was not among those who willingly shared details of his personal life. On account of the artist – loud novel with Elena Korikova. Celebrity broke up in 2013. Soon after the man broke up with a sweetheart, he was convicted of driving while intoxicated, a famous blonde, is rumored to be extremely upset by ending a relationship with a colleague and numb the pain alcohol. Whether this is so, the fans of the stars we can only guess. Sergey recently gave a Frank interview to journalists, which shed light on personal life.

According to Astakhov, Korikova is a wonderful woman who would do anything for the second half. The artist has been extremely positive about the ex-lover. During the conversation with journalists the man also told about the reasons why he was separated from his peers.

“She (Elena Korikova – Ed.) a very good man. So a man chooses, Lena, open and selfless, giving him all of myself. A rare quality for women, which I appreciated to the full, I was lucky. Fate brought us together in the difficult period: neither I nor she was not working at all. And it’s really hard for actors. No one need think that it’s over, leans depression. We probably could not survive, and therefore broke up…” – said the actor.

Now the heart of Sergei Astakhov occupied. For a long time a man meets a primary school teacher Victoria Shakeaway. Darling men his Junior by sixteen years, however, love does not interfere with the age difference. Astakhov said that the second half supports him in everything.

Сергей Астахов рассказал правду о расставании с Еленой Кориковой“I’m happy with her and everyone is afraid to believe that this is possible. The house is finally calm prevails. Vick can make me feel how much she needs. She shares all my interests”, – says Sergey.

In recognition Astakhov, they often are traveling with a sweetheart. The actor loves to go camping and likes to go where no foot of man. “I know every Alpine pass, every lake,” he says.

Now Sergey and Victoria engaged in furnishing the apartment. Couple wants as finally settled in the renovated house with a pet – a charming cat named Kempinski, which Astakhov has picked up on the set of NTV’s film “Under tension”. In the future, the artist does not exclude that will become a father. “We would have someone more serious to have – that would be great! Plan” – quoted by the star magazine “Caravan of stories”.