Sergey Zverev will restore the old Church in Buryatia

Сергей Зверев восстановит старинную церковь в Бурятии

The domestic king of glamour Sergey Zverev was taken for a surprise to many of his fans business. Stylist-the artist has imposed upon himself the mission to restore old churches located in Buryatia.

Note that the Zverev his charity work is not showing off. Even more – if not the head of Dalahai settlement Tunkinsky district Andrei Siganov, who actually told anybody about it does not learned.

As told zagajnov, in their settlement with a population of just 160 people, Zverev comes once in 2-3 years, but even those visits are remembered by its inhabitants for a long time: “In Hujrah buried father, brother and two grandmothers. Each time I marvel at how much he resembled my mother’s mother — well, like two drops of water! The last time was in September 2014. Looked for five minutes then — and in the House of culture. And our activists seized the opportunity and spoke about the ancient temple, which want to restore. The building of 1866, has undergone a revolution! In the 80-ies made it out of the cultural and sports complex, and then the temple had become… a haven for cows. Sergey not only did not heed and listened, but promised to help.”

In contrast to many figures of show-business that are sturdy good deeds, Sergey has not forgotten about the promise and return to the capital, began looking for a benefactor willing to cover the cost of restoration of the Church.

“So the other day called and said he found a patron! – happy, SaganoVladimir Asked us to make requests to the Ministry of culture of Buryatia and the diocese, gather the necessary documents and send to Moscow. But the difficulty is that the Church — a monument of history and, therefore, can only be restored in its original form. But, I’m sure we all decide”.

It is worth saying that he was not far from the faith of the people. Oddly enough, but the star attends Church several times a week: “I live 15 minutes from red square, and in my yard there is a monastery. And if I’m not on tour, every day I go there — when the morning service, when the evening. I always try to make time to go to Church and pray. And I have to say, God helps me”.

Zverev prayers God hears and he even helps to improve not only their health but also the health of his loved ones: “was this story. My seriously ill uncle. Very seriously: he had something cancer. And so I went every day to the temple, prayed for him, ordering prayers for the dead – this is when the 40 days read the prayer. Believe it or not, and the prayers have helped, because after that he recovered. A miracle! In Guiro from the beautiful Church shining Golden domes, leaving only the walls… But, thank God, at least they survived. This will be able to rebuild the temple”, — summed up the stylist.


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