Сергей Зверев: «София Ротару снова вышла замуж» Stylist told about the joyous event in the life of the singer. During the meeting with the fans he let slip about the secret wedding of Sofia Rotaru. The artist herself has not commented on this information.

The singer Sofia Rotaru has an excellent reputation. The star was married Anatoliy Evdokimenko more than 40 years, and after his death in 2002, have repeatedly admitted that they will never be able to love.

However, Sergey Zverev has a completely different opinion. During a meeting with fans the stylist was asked about the women with whom he could start a relationship. In the list of candidates appeared and Sofia Rotaru. That’s just the man hastened to emphasize that the heart of the artist is not free.

“Rotaru? Is it free? She secretly married. It’s so luxurious,” said Zverev.

Of course, the words of the stylist, shocked both him and her many fans. The fact that Sofia Mikhailovna never appeared in public with another man. After the death of her husband, the artist goes on the red carpet for only son or her granddaughter. Relax star is also very popular in the company of relatives.

Fans of the singer does not get tired to mention that it looks great. In August last year, the actress celebrated the 70th anniversary, but it continues to be. Most fans of the stars agreed that the words Zvereva untrue. In their opinion, despite their undeniable visual appeal, the star continues to remain faithful to a deceased spouse.

“Rotary is an incredible beauty, but it is unlikely Zverev in the course of the vicissitudes of her personal life”, “If this is true, one can only wish Sofia Mikhailovna happiness. They deserve it”, “She is an amazing woman! But Rotaru in all the interviews talking about how she misses her husband. I think this is just gossip,” shared the opinions of fans of the artist.

Of course, while the singer discusses the controversial subject with fans. Sofia Mikhailovna before was secretive in matters of personal life. Maybe that’s why they pair with Anatoly Evdokimenko has always been considered the reference.

Sergey Zverev also has not commented on his sensational statement. According to the magazine “light it up!”, the man hastened to change the subject of conversation after she had revealed the secret Rotaru. Despite requests from fans, the stylist more not answered questions regarding the personal life of this artist.