Sergey Zverev reported the death of popular host

Сергей Зверев сообщил о смерти популярного ведущего Stylist published a strange photo on the personal page in Instagram. Sergey reported the death of a young artist, Andrey Borodin, the details of the tragedy first, Zverev said. It turned out that the guy was hit on the head.
Сергей Зверев сообщил о смерти популярного ведущего

On the eve of the acquaintances of the young well-known showman Andrey Borodin said that he was killed in one of the hotels in Colombia. The details of the death of a young artist yet to be revealed.

Sergey Zverev today posted on Instagram a photo of Borodino in a funeral frame. The stylist did not comment on the. The representative of the stars Svetlana has confirmed the death of Andrei, in an interview with “StarHit”.

“Yeah, so, Andrew died. Died from a blow to the head in a hotel in Colombia, especially unknown. Sergey previously communicated with him, he helped sometimes in concerts. Don’t know exactly what he was doing there, kind of rested. Friends said that the body is still there. Mother of Andrew went after him,” – said Svetlana.

A source close to Borodin also said that the last time Andrew was in a severe depression. He began to have serious problems with the business, so he left Russia and flew to Columbia, taking with him a single backpack.

“A month ago, the man got lost, he had everything well in business, things went uphill, but at one point something went wrong. Began to throw his partners. He took it and flew to Colombia. For some time he corresponded with friends, he offered to send money for the plane back, but he refused… He specifically himself ruined. Andrew and songs your wrote, worked, and the artists”, – said the source.

A friend of Borodin said that the young artist was not and 25 years. Relatives and colleagues of a showman in Russia found out about his death the day before, however, according to some, Andrew died in late spring. The last time he went into a personal account in may of this year, more in touch with loved ones guy did not come out.

“I think he was depressed, broke mentality. It threw a lot at work, so… Mother of Andrew flew to Colombia to pick him up and bury. I can say for sure, he was a very decent, good natured guy. Just found no support in his companions, did not survive. Everywhere he was thrown, he had enough – he flew. A long time he was alive, nobody knew just what the man disappeared,” – said the source.

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