Сергей Жуков: «Уйду со сцены, если дети попросят» “Why my songs almost 22 years remain popular?” The leader of group “Hands Up!” answers this and our other questions.
Сергей Жуков: «Уйду со сцены, если дети попросят»

  • I WOULD NEVER SING ABOUT… policies and on the principle “I sing what I see”. But now is the mainstream – maybe to start?
  • Never ALLOW YOUR WIFE to leave me, because that love that won’t survive.
  • The MAIN thing I WANT to TEACH SONS IS to remain men in any situation. I also dream that in the future they met their second half.
  • Don’T WANT MY DAUGHTER… something was needed, so I’m going to do everything possible to delight them every day.
  • WHEN you WANT to lose WEIGHT, I… ask myself, is it worth it to do it, because you will have to limit myself in all delicious, and it’s not easy. But honestly, always go on a diet under strict supervision of doctors.
  • I decide to LEAVE the SCENE WHEN… will not be able to dance to the song “Baby mine.” Or if your kids say: daddy, you’re always busy and we rarely see each other.
  • It ANGERS ME, IF PEOPLE… very brazen or inappropriately behaved. Do not like rudeness. I don’t think someone is actually like.

Сергей Жуков: «Уйду со сцены, если дети попросят»CAN MUTTER TO his WIFE… the family business “Love and sweets”. When Regina works too much, offended that she was giving the cases more time than me.

  • WHEN WE’re ALONE, I CALL my WIFE… a kitten.
  • I was ONCE MISTAKEN for… by Roma Zhukov. Came up and said, “Roman, we love your songs!” But I suspect it was in name, not in appearance, because we are quite similar.
  • The LAST TIME I CRIED WHEN… looked at their children. Understand that you simply adore them and can’t believe what life has given me such happiness.
  • IF I wasn’T a SINGER, I WOULD CHOOSE a PROFESSION… of a hockey player. And, perhaps, scored the decisive goal at the Olympic games in Pyeongchang.
  • WHEN I HAD NO MONEY…I was not discouraged, looking for jobs and believed in his dream. But, I confess, there were times when hands fell.
  • IF ON the PHONE I’m CALLING FANS, I… and can communicate, if you are in the mood. Otherwise say wrong number, and it’s not bugs, but Yevgeny Petrosyan.

Сергей Жуков: «Уйду со сцены, если дети попросят»WHEN I SEE MYSELF ON TV, I TRY… just to change the channel. Narcissism isn’t my thing.

  • ON MY PHONE as a RINGER is SET… default tone. And you thought the song “Take me soon”?
  • To PLEASE the FAMILY, you CAN… to make a cake, and ten different ways. My mom is a terrific cook, I always helped her in the kitchen.
  • I WOULD NOT LIKE TO have his WIFE SING AGAIN, BECAUSE… then there will be nobody to take care of the children while I’m on tour.
  • THE hardest part of BUSINESS FOR ME IS… papers: reports, tables. Now I am used to, but at first it was very difficult to discipline myself in this.
  • WE DECIDED to MOVE out of TOWN BECAUSE… we wanted to live closer to nature, to have a site, which will be comfortable and fun, where on warm summer evenings a barbecue, a breathe of fresh air… I like saying “my house – My fortress”. For me, this is the place where you want to return from a tour that I can call friends, loved ones and spend time throughout our happy family.

IF MY LIFE was a FILM, WOULD LIKE the MAIN ROLE IN IT PLAYED… I did! How can you miss this? But seriously, I don’t know… tough question. But you gave me an idea, which will reflect in the near future. Thank you!