Сергей Жуков и Регина Бурд готовятся к венчанию
The couple decided to enter into “celestial marriage”.

Sergey Zhukov and Regina Burd with children Nike, Angell and Myron

Sergei Zhukov after ten years of marriage with his wife
Regina Burd decided to get married with your beloved. Now the singer and his wife are preparing for
Ordinance to enter into the Holy marriage according to the rules, which include
three-day fasting, obligatory confession the priest and the sacrament.

The reason why Sergey and Regina were not in this sacred
rite before, is simple — the leader of group “Hands Up” to Christianity, only three
years ago. Since then, the couple searched the time and opportunity to exercise
a cherished dream. It is worth noting that the family Zhukova is considered in the world of showbiz
exemplary. Together Sergey and Regina has three children, and spouses
still without memory in love with each other.

“How long have you seen your wife? — said Zhukov. — No,
not just looked on as she prepares or comes home from work, and delighted
with eyes that lit the flame of passion and desire? How long have you watched her
like the first time, at your first meeting? When did you last
‘ve done stupid things to impress her? When, in your memory, you’re throwing children
business, work and just ran with it from reality for a couple of days
no matter where? Even hard to remember…But sorry…I was fortunate in 40 years
to realize that with every passing day I am more and more in love with her
wife. Yes, it happens. And it’s not “lusty”. Love it! I always don’t
enough. Even if we are together 24 hours a day, still to me it is not enough. I find
all new facets of its splendor, grace, wisdom, and care. I
bathe in these feelings and completely happy with her and our loved ones
children. I started to write more poems, songs, hits from. I’m back full of strength and