Сергей Жуков и Регина Бурд заработали 87 миллионов на капкейках Family business of the leader of group “Hands up” is booming. From the moment Sergei Zhukov and Regina Burd founded the bakery three years ago, their company has reached a new level. Now they sign contracts with large enterprises and deliver the desserts for celebrities.

Journalists report that in the past year, the family-run pastry shop soloist “Hands up” Sergei Zhukov Cupcake Story brought him up 86.8 million rubles. The volume of production per month – 80 000 PCs. The main income of the artist and his wife Regina Burd brings shipping desserts – it is 80% of revenues.

The first major contract of the enterprise star became a contract with the DutyFree, according to which it was necessary to produce forty-five thousand cakes a week. Then the singer realized that his business has reached a new level. Now Sergey Zhukov and his wife Regina Burd negotiate with Russian Railways and “Aeroflot” on the supply line gift desserts with a long shelf life, and among the clients are known artists and athletes.

From the moment earned patisserie Zhukov and Burd took about 2.5 years. The couple thought about opening a family production after the birth of the eldest daughter.

“We ordered the sweets, and had to come up with a dessert that would be convenient to hand out in kindergarten children,” – said the wife of the leader of the “Hands up”.

In the end, Zhukov and Burd came to the conclusion that kids have to like cupcakes. “We started on the knee”, – said the singer. The first orders the couple fulfilled in their apartment in Moscow, and the equipment and consumables cost them 420 thousand rubles. Soon the business took off, and the family began to take the premises into a shop. On its construction has left an impressive amount of $ 2.7 million.

In 2015, the soloist of the popular group expanded the assortment of sweets and added menu, cakes, pastries, cookies and cakes. The plans of Zhukov and Burd – expansion of production and opening of four or five outlets, but it will have to solve several complex issues.

“The quality and type of product must be the same, it’s like “McDonald’s” when you eat and know the taste will be the same in any city,” – said Sergey Zhukov.

By the way, now Regina is engaged in the management of the shop and confectionery. In recognition of Sergei, a good Manager, who can be trusted with serious business, quite difficult to find. By the way, the confectioners in the production of children help of Zhukov and the Burd. “For us, the Cupcake Story is a unification of our families”, – quotes the wife of the leader of the “Hands up” by Forbes magazine.

Recall that the confectionery is not the first business project of Sergey Zhukov. The man known as a successful entrepreneur, at different times opened his own restaurant and has invested in the IT industry. In addition, in 2008, the singer and his wife Regina Burd founded the “Friends for sale”, which is engaged in supplying of USA puppies rare and exotic breeds.