Сергей Жигунов рискует потерять за долги свой бизнес
For several years Sergey Zhigunov acts as the producer of the television series, but debt threatened him in serious trouble and the loss of their top movies

Сергей Жигунов рискует потерять за долги свой бизнес

Taking money in debt for the filming of the next series, to bring them back in time, he could not, so ran the interest. Of course, the amount of debt by the standards of show business, Sergey Zhigunov is not large, a total of 13 million 400 thousand rubles, but their return is necessary, the sooner the better.

If until 31 January 2019 the debt is not paid, the Zhigunov risks losing the rights to their top TV shows that are able to bring him with rolled yet sufficient funds.

But, according to some, Zhigunova, there are several paintings that he was not free due to lack of funds. It turns out that he can’t take a new one and risk losing the old one.

So, where it is necessary again to borrow money to pay off old accounts.