Сергей Волчков рассказал, где отметит 30-летие
The winner of “the Voice” has planned two exciting events.

Sergey Volchkov

Sergey Volchkov sent in a nationwide tour called the “30/5”. “During the tour I would like to note two important dates: his thirty-year anniversary and
the fifth anniversary of creative activity”, — said the winner of the second season of the popular vocal show “the Voice”.

The concerts will feature favorite works of Soviet
and foreign composers, the legendary songs from movies, songs whose words
knows by heart every. Live sound, velvet baritone voice of the actor, his sincerity and
sincerity for the fans during performances. The tour will end two large
concerts: April 18 in the Kremlin and 28 April in the concert hall of the Olympic.

By the way, the home of the singer look forward to his favorite people: his wife Natalia
Yakushkina and two daughters: four-year-old Xenia and four-month-old baby Pauline.
In the autumn Sergey gave concerts mainly in Moscow and nearby regions. Now
when the youngest daughter was a little older and stronger, Sergey to devote
to make it work.