Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене» The winner of the second season of the show “the Voice” celebrates its 30th anniversary. And on 18 April will take place the solo concert of Sergey Volchkov in the Kremlin, where he intends first to bring to the stage their eldest daughter Ksenia and to sing along with her song.
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»
Sergey, at the end of last year, you have a second daughter was born. Where the news you are caught?
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»At work. Pelageya was born at 12 o’clock. We were already expecting that it’s going to be born. It happened on October 18. I had three shows that day, after which I immediately broke with flowers rushed to the hospital where I gave birth to my wife. The second time it was more clear. I affectionately and proudly looked at pelage. But when my first daughter was born, after seeing her, I burst into tears.—
Pelageya? Not in honor of the singer who was in the jury of “the Voice”, where you become the winner?
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»No, it has nothing to do. We baptized the child of the 20th number, and the calendar came out that Pelageya. We also chose the name of the first child. Although Xenia was born a little early, father still blessed us and we named her daughter in honor of Xenia of St. Petersburg. We now have two daughters – Xenia and Pelagia.—
Two children is a big responsibility. How to find a compromise between career and family?
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»I make money, but try to be with the family as much time as possible. Don’t want to be a Sunday dad. Help my wife at every opportunity. This morning, for example, collected a daughter in kindergarten, to take her there, met with mothers who quipped: “to Educate children is not a song to sing”. Yes, it is much harder! I with the first child helped. Now, thank God, comes Natasha’s mother (the wife of Sergey Volchkov. – Ed.) my mother-in-law. We have a babysitter. Not all concerns fall on the shoulders of his wife. We distribute responsibilities. And coming soon is my mother. I also have a dog to walk. It is, incidentally, also a girl. I am surrounded by four women. (Smiles.)

What about the tour? It happens because, so, gone so long?
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»In 2018 we will have tours, which I leave for two weeks, and even a little more. I won’t be home. And now it’s mostly concentrated in Moscow or the Moscow region. If I have to go, one day.—
How did you know Natalia?
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»It happened in October 2012. Morning service in the temple. I noticed Natasha that we were absolutely not familiar with. And I at that time very much like family, warmth, and all wanted to be the dad. If anyone knows what in the Church the first sacrament children. Lined up a convoy of guys, and then came the laughter of children. And I saw the eyes of Natasha, who at this point had eyes for that child. She smiled, and in those eyes I noticed what he was looking for, the spark and love for children. I told my friend: “this woman may be a very good mother and wife.” I really liked it. I was waiting for my service to come and meet you. She came out of the temple, I caught up to her and said, “Girl, can I meet you?” And immediately invited me for lunch. I wasn’t poor. I am earning very well for the student. About 100 thousand per month. We sat and talked and the first question she asked was: “What are you doing?” I replied that I was a musical theatre actor. She was very surprised, because I worked all my life in the actor’s environment. Natasha is the Director of the Protocol service of the festival “Kinotavr” for 18 years. Is also the chief editor of the program “Cinema in details”… Everything developed very quickly. And three months later we were wedded.
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»
Did you realize that this is your woman?
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»Not immediately. It’s impossible to understand quickly. It so happened that two months later we went to the priest in Suzdal. And wanted to ask his blessing on our further communication. If he saw us just friends or spouses? We were chaste, we just met. In Suzdal the priest told us: “I do not see any obstacles. You are ready to build their family Church.” And he blessed us: “Come back in a month, I will marry you”. For us it was a surprise, but we went to this step consciously. After I went on vacation and realized that largely differ. But life is such, you need to get used, learn. Some say we married too young. I had by that time already had a first marriage. We met the year before legalized relationships, but after a year and a half divorced. But here, thank God, all is well.—
You said that when I met Natalia, I immediately wanted a family. You was 24. Because at this age, young people are not thinking about marriage and family. How did this happen?
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»Everyone has their own maturation. I have always said that for development I’m older than their peers. With 13 years earned money, and 17-18 to go South at his own expense. Have been working with computers. And when I first married at 21, it seemed to me that already became independent. The man who could support a family. Just then it turned out that we have different views, and we broke up. And here I have realized that I really want a family and children. We think and want, but God is for us puts everything in its place. When I met Natasha and she got pregnant, I had a lot of work. And when she had my child at heart, I took part in the project “the Voice”. Have the opportunity to support a family. So far so good… by the Way, our month – October. 18th Pelagia was born 19 October – the birthday of my wife, October 21, communed the child, October 27 – the birthday of my mom…
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»
You remember the date?
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»I have a very good “digital” memory. When I was six, I had memorized the multiplication table. Very quickly gave the correct answers. On the 4th floor on my block there lived two brothers, who were studying at physics and mathematics. They were my teachers. In our time we have computers going, and in other places. Could, for example, to arrange the day of the athlete. Handed over standards, who will turn better. I still remember that pull-UPS 15 times and made 18 ascents coup. I was 6.5 years. I was brought up in the right family. Childhood could hitch the horse and go to the next village to the grandfather. At six years old I was independent and intelligent guy. Went for mushrooms. And in the nine first went to Italy. As he lived in the “Chernobyl zone”, then we are in a special program were sent abroad. I, a talented young pianist who went to Italy three years in a row. These are the brightest memories of my childhood. I realized then that needs to escape from the small town of Bykhov to the world.—
What started your interest in music?
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»For five years I performed on stage, Bykhov house of culture. Singing children’s songs. I think it is the merit of the music teachers who saw that I had potential. I always sang. I liked to go on stage. I didn’t worry. Already ten years, went to competitions. Very expressive reading poetry. My brother also read poems, he was leading the events. Winner of various competitions. We have a creative family. Dad writes poetry. I sang to the harmonica. Although, besides music, played basketball and was always athletic. Five years of playing, because and stretched. I say it’s impossible. The growth of my mother – 159 cm, Pope 171, brother – 174. I – 186 see Accel! And, by the way, neighbors are similar as they can think of spoiled minds. (Smiles.)

Your mother was against you doing music and all your life you dreamed it. Now say that they themselves doubted the choice of future profession…
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»I worked a lot, but the exhaust was not any. That’s when the doubts began to creep in, but I continued to go to competitions and won. I didn’t take the job. I sang in the temple. It was hard, I saw a permanent stalemate and a certain injustice to yourself. I thought I sang better, but took another person. It seemed that no relations impossible to achieve. Now I think that is possible. This requires perseverance, talent and a dream. I always dream of… Someone might say that one head is not all right. We recently was with my mom in Italy and passed by the arena di Verona, where are the celebrities, and I told her that someday there will be my solo concert.
How did you convince your mother that music is your life?
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»Every parent, I am sure, wants their child only happiness. Mom knew that music impossible to make. Many of my friends after graduating from music school he returned to the village to teach. Few people were detained in Mogilev. When I was a freshman in College, then do not get one point and was on the pay. I told my mom that the first year I will study well and will be transferred to the free training. And he kept his word. Then, when I decided to go to Moscow, the mother said: “Serge, there are many people like you. Do we have to?” I went to Minsk, where I listened without interest. Then decided to storm the Moscow universities. —
You studied music, but would like to do in drama school. Why?
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»I decided to depart a little from the music, but not away from creativity. Filed documents in all College theater. In the School-Studio of MKHAT not even passed the first round. In VGIK I have reached the stage of the exams, but in the end he entered GITIS. I said, “You sing well. Why don’t want to do musical theatre?” For some reason I was sure that year in GITIS has not gained the public sector, but I was wrong. I went there without preparation. Arrived and saw people in one room, and I was in a t-shirt and sweat pants. I asked the members of the Commission: “where are your notes? You sitting here? Well, sing something.” I sang “the Road” and another Belarusian song. Saw the faces of the jury members change. Then they asked me to have to prepare an Aria and romance. I only had four days before exams. Mom gave me a train costume. Email I received notes. And went for the exam. I put 85 points on the vocals. With a maximum rating of 90. So I arrived in GITIS. And I think I did the right thing. Got to the course to Tamara Ilyinichna Sinyavskaya, but she gave me another wonderful teacher Peter Sergeyevich Side. Tamara Ilinichna said that it would be hard for me to have repertoire that sang her husband is Muslim Magomayev. I still remember her words: “it is Not necessary to emulate. Don’t need to be an ideal Muslim. I’m sure you’ll be the first Sergey Volchkov”.

Why you didn’t love teachers?
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»I was undisciplined, skipping classes. The teachers even said: “do Not take the example such as gyroscopes, which is sprayed”. I really was a Santa Claus, animator, sang at weddings and in Church. Did not attend morning exercises, because a lot of work. By the way, 80 percent of the guys who studied with me know, now sit without work, and only 20 percent remained in the profession. I already knew that even if I’m not an actor, you can still earn money. I saw how hard it was for my parents when they first two years on a monthly basis was sent to Moscow for 10 thousand rubles. This is big money for Belarus. This salary my dad. It turns out that they gave me one salary, and the other – existed. But they helped, for which I am grateful. And trying to help them in all. I had a dream the whole family to go to the sea. Parents to my victory in the project “the Voice” wasn’t there 26 years. Now for four consecutive years, rest all together.
You are an open person. Tell the truth about yourself. After the concerts taking pictures with fans and sign autographs. Do not fear that very soon the cynical world of show business makes you the opposite of a man?
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»It all depends on me. I set a goal that I had for a long time. This is not 20-30 years, and much more. I learn from their senior colleagues, for example, Alexander Borisovich Gradsky, Joseph Davidovich Kobzon, Lev Leschenko… It’s the people who kept her face until today. They worked hard to not carried away. Probably, it is necessary to perceive the success in this life as an advance. But if I have this down payment would be squandered, turn away from people, all will soon return like a boomerang.—
But the place as a star?
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»No, because success came to me in 25 years. I already at that age, had a head on his shoulders. Plus my wife, a very wise woman who tells where to stop if I oversteer. And if fame came to me in 20 years, then maybe my career would have been different, and I would “walk, crazy Empress”. But I was going to succeed gradually.—
Recognized on the street?
Сергей Волчков: «Воспитывать дочек проще, чем петь на сцене»Find out if I combed as in the TV. When the hair stand up. And when in classic clothing. Then there is absolute recognition. And it is very nice. But often in life I wear caps, sportswear, sneakers…

Besides family and music, what else enough time and effort?
Every week I go to the bath. It strengthens the immune system. It is a pleasure to meet up with friends. Love it! The second thing is almost not enough time but love is fishing. The third journey. I love to travel, and learn, watch. The fourth track. Serious load I’m not allowed, as there is an injury that will not allow to do free weights. As for cardio, it’s just necessary because on tour, not so much moving. Only eat, sleep, eat and gain weight. And here always have to be in shape. In the past three seasons we gave 170 concerts across the country. And this tour is still ongoing. The plan is to play in Italy. Ready program, which is not only Italian songs, but also domestic, which the whole world knows. “Moscow nights”, for example. For 2018, we have already planned 52 solo concert.