Сергей Светлаков исполнит мечту дочки на Новый год
The showman spoke about what surprises prepared Glidecam for the New year.

Sergey Svetlakov with his daughter Anastasia

Photo: @ssvetlakov Instagram

Sergei Svetlakov told about what gifts his children waiting for Santa Claus this year. According to him, with a gift for a four year old son Ivan was no problem. The boy wrote in a letter that she wants a telescope. Where the son found out about the telescope Svetlakov does not know, but there is nothing against such a gift is not.

But the daughter from his first marriage, 9-year-old Anastasia made new year’s eve to receive a gift of a puppy. The problem is that the girls here are already living the cat and the rat, so his parents tried to dissuade Cindy from this venture. But it did not. Therefore, Sergei still fulfill the dream of my daughter and give her the Pomeranian. To buy the dog he is planning in his native Yekaterinburg. “And she year parents endured brain that she needed a dog. We tried to dissuade her because of the house live a cat and a rat, and why add to the strained dog?! But apparently we were not convincing. Buy her the Pomeranian in Yekaterinburg. Yes, a dog we will have a local”, — said Sergei kp.ru.

By the way, to celebrate the New year Sergey is home with his family. Not so long ago, he got sober in the habit to work in the new year’s eve. “For four years I refuse all offers and not leave home. As the whole country, I’m waiting for midnight, make a wish and hope that all will be bad in the past year. This tradition was taken away from me for 15 years! Fifteen years for me Christmas miracle occurred on 1 January morning when I would come home after work! And now I get a real pleasure. We make salads in a circle of friends, 1 January is required to sculpt dumplings”, — shared the secret, Sergei.