Сергей Светлаков: «Не женитесь на Бузовой!»
Showman publicly ridiculed the star of “House-2”.

Sergei Svetlakov and Olga Buzova

Svetlakov rarely confessed to reporters, when he asked questions,
which relate to his personal life. However, he loves to talk about the events
party which it is not. For example, in conversation with the publication sport24.ru the showman, which is
an avid fan of “Locomotive”, told the publication about his passion for football
and that he admires the talent of Yuri Semin, head coach,
won first place in the championship of Russia. In his trademark style
Svetlakov also joked: he said
when Semin is to leave the club, he will certainly reveal the main
rules that can not break, so the team started to lose. “Not
marry never Buzova! Can you hear me? This is the main curse for the club…” —
boldly said the presenter.

Of course, Sergey was referring to the loud divorce of the football player of “Locomotive” Dmitry
Tarasov and Olga Buzova in 2016. A distinguished sportsman, who, after
a gap year is not scoring goals, and TV presenter was married for a few years.
Career of Olga, who was the star of the reality show, and suddenly became a singer after
divorce went up the hill this year she was nominated for the “Award of MUZ-TV 2018” for
best female video. Interestingly, Buzova has not reacted to a joke

I must admit that Olga rarely enters into a dialogue when
someone from the public people makes her snide remark. Probably, she clearly should be
rule “in the fight for global glory all good”.