Sergey Svetlakov and Alexander Nezlobin lured to STS

Сергея Светлакова и Александра Незлобина переманили на СТС Entertainers will leave TNT this summer. At the new place of work they will be not only to perform but also to write scripts for TV series and films. The General Director of “STS media” Vyacheslav Murugov has confirmed this information.
Сергея Светлакова и Александра Незлобина переманили на СТС

It became known that in July of 2018, the TNT channel will lose two entertainers. Sergey Svetlakov and Alexander Nezlobin who earlier participated in the humorous programs, change the place of work. Both artists are switching to STS. This information was confirmed by General Director of “STS media” Vyacheslav Murugov. He explained that Svetlakov and Nezlobin will not only lead various shows on the channel, but will participate in creating projects, Comedy shows and movies.

Since the stars will be the new faces of STS, they will need to be agreed in advance with the channel possible involvement in other programs. For example, Murugov has not yet said for sure whether Svetlakov to be one of the participants of the show “ProjectorParisHilton” on the First channel.

The contract takes effect from the first of July to both of the showman, managed to complete the work in a number of projects.

“We agreed that they had the opportunity to quietly close the current project with another broadcaster. We know how it is frustrating when channel has suddenly tear existing relationships with content producers,” said Murugov.

Later on the relationship with journalists came Alexander Nezlobin. The singer confirmed the transition to another channel. He said that very soon they with Sergey Svetlakov will create a joint Studio, which will deal with the content of STS. It is anticipated that these projects will begin to emerge at the end of this year.

“At the moment, there are no obligations to “Gazprom-Media” neither I, nor svetlakova no: Sergey contract ended long ago, and I have at the end of 2017. Our relationship with STS formally begin on July 1,” said Nezlobin.

Recall that Kenny g started his career on TNT with participation in the show “Our Russia”, which was reincarnated in several characters. Besides, Sergey has participated in the Comedy Club and wrote scripts for some Comedy films that came out in the channel. Many fans of “DANCING” noted that Kenny g was one of the judges of the show. In 2013, Alexander Nezlobin has released the author’s series “Неzлоб”. Earlier, ex-resident Comedy Club together films “Prom” and “Groom,” which received a positive evaluation from the audience.

According to “RBC” and “Vedomosti”.

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